• Liesl- I was reading all of the "Congrats"... Congrats by the way! I was wondering if you have a blog or pictures for some inspiration? Also not trying to sound "dumb" but this site is new to me and I was wondering what you won? ( i feel so stupid asking you..sorry) Im really looking forward to taking this challenge starting on Monday the 31st. All of you on this site are EXTREMELY helpful and give great advice.



  • Hey Sandy! Congrats on taking the first step to a better life!! Liesl won the "Spirit Challenge" and will be given her prizes (only know that she is getting an awesome jacket, not sure what else) at the Tennessee Champions Weekend Oct. 7-10. I will let her know that you were inquiring about her pics...

    I wish you much success as you begin your BFL journey!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Hi Sandy;

    First of all congratulations to you for taking the steps to a healthier and better life. Work hard and stick with it - you will be greatly rewarded.

    Thank you for the congrats. BFLSpirit is a website that was started in memory of Julie Whitt - a former BFL champ. They run a challenge every year and that is the challenge I won. It is not an official BFL challenge as I live in South Africa and the BFL challenge is only open to the US. I won a fabulous jacket - will post pics once I get my jacket.

    I don't have anything on this site - I post my pictures on The BFL site changed recently and before that you could not post pics on here so we used tcom to share our info. You can check it out - I am Liesl on there as well. I also have my pics up on the BFLSpirit site. I don't have a blog - not a very good writer LOL. I did do a blog on tcom when I first posted my pics, but I will put my essay for the Spirit challenge on there as well.


  • Where are those pics, Girl! Show yourself off! We're all proud (and maybe a little envious??)of you!

    Today is the day to NOT quit!!!! <3 EARGAL