My Goals

  • So now that I am a couple of weeks past my completed challenge, I have come up with some new goals for myself.  First, I'd like to add some bulk.  Second, I've changed my ab exercises so now that it's mostly focused on my lower abs as I'd like to see those more defined .


    To get me there:

    I will continue following BFL way as I did in my challenge including continued use of the journals.  However, I have allowed myself to use BFL recipes for my dinner meals with the leftovers as lunch.  Last night, I had one of the trainers at my gym show me some abs exercises that target lower abs.  These are new to me and I did my sets with them and today I have that very sore feeling.


    Anyways, just thought I'd share this.

  • Good for you to reestablish new goals already. That is sooooo key!

    Thanks for the thought about targeting the different components of the abs. I have become a little casual with my abs lately. What are the exercises you speak of? Can you provide links?

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Awesome Armster!  While only finishing up week 5, I have vague and scary thoughts of what my AR activities will be.  I'm appreciative that you posted.

  • No problem James.

    Renee:  I hear you on becoming casual with abs - it's easy to do especially being the last exercise after a strenuous leg workout.  It's why I am targeting a certain area; to keep me honest.  I cannot find any images but I will explain it the best that I can.  Basically, you lie flat on your back, point your toes up, bend your knees ever so slightly. Raise your legs up at a count of 5-4-3-2-1 then back down at the same count.  So, I do two sets of those(12 and 10 reps) Then, I put a medium size ball between my ankles and do the same thing only this time I lift my arms at the same time, and pass the ball back and forth from hands to ankles each rep.  So, basically one rep the ball is in my hands, the next rep it's between my ankles.  I do that for sets 3-4/  Set 5 I go back to the original leg raises and then set 6, I put a 35lb weight on my chest and do decline crunches.  

    My abs are still very sore from the workout 36 hours ago.

  • Armster, from everything I've read about obtaining that coveted 6-pack, if you continue those particular ab exercises, keep eating clean, and doing your HIIT, you'll have one!! I've heard the weighted decline crunch is the best and also most painful. =) I haven't tried it yet...I'm still mastering the weighted flat crunch. lol! Keep it up and you'll be sporting a 6-pack very soon!