end week 3 am I progressing to slowly?? im not even sure i see ANY change, tho I do feel better!




  • I think only 3 weeks is too early to tell.  However, comparing your side pics, I see a difference.  Be patient, make sure you're following the book, and keep going 'til Week 12!

  • The kind of transformation you are seeking takes some time.  Very few if any challengers will see major changes in 3 weeks.  The human body does respond, so take heart in the small changes you see and continue to nail down your new meal plan, cardio, and weight lifting plans.  When I look at your photos, I see a lot of potential there! It's took me well over a year to get to close to optimally reaching my goals.....


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Rubbish... I can see a change in you, especially from your side profile.  If I was you I wouldn't be taking photos every week, I only do it every four weeks otherwise I would be beating myself up like what you are doing.  

    If you are like some of us on this forum then you probably suffer from a little bit of body dysmorphic disorder where you are overly critical of yourself over the most minor of body image issues, including not being able to see progress.....I won't bother you with going through my posts but I have had the same issues.

    Focus on progress and not perfection, if you don't believe me then believe in Bill, he is the one that said it! :-)


  • thank you so much!! I appreciate your honesty and kind attitude!

  • Kelly -

    You've hit the four week mark, you're a Rockstar!!!!  I firmly believe that the four week mark is where your mind starts telling you crazy stuff like "I can do this, OMG, I'm stronger.... I really LOVE those endorphins from working out...."

    Keep fighting the good fight Kelly, those babies need you!!!


  • Kelly congrats on the progress, I too can see a difference!  I am finishing week 5 and wish I would have taken pics at before, but I started at the end of week 2 with just a frontal.  What I have noticed throughout week to week in me is a reduction in my belly and other areas.  Clothes tell this story and so do tape measures.  I purchased a cheapie one at Walmart in the fabric section for less than $2 and measure the important areas.  At week 3 I had alreay seen a reduction in my belly measurement from a 53" to 49 3/4", yet the weight scale didn't always tell the whole story.  This week on Wed, I measured my belly cause I was getting antsy and I am 47".  Be consistent when you measure, I do it first thing in the morning when I wake up.  I just purchased this over last weekend along with an Omron fat moitor shipped to my door for about $40.  Link: www.amazon.com/.../B000G7YW74

    I recieved them yesterday, still not use to the calipers, but the tape measure and fat monitor rock!  Stay strong and focused!

  • I see a change Kelly.  Keep up the good work.  Have fun with it.  By the smile on your face I think you are.  You've shown your commitment by purchasing the fat monitor and calipers.  Keep looking through the forums for motivation.  Keep that frig full of healthy food.  Don't let unauthorized food in your house.  Read Bill's book over and over again.  Be the master of your body.  You're on your way to greatness.

  • I can tell a big difference in your side profile!  Keep up the good work!

  • It takes time and patience.  It didn't go on over night and it won't come off overnight.  NOW I SEE MAJOR differences in your photos.   You are definitely coming in from all areas.   Great job and keep up the great work.  

  • I can totally tell and I think you look amazing, keep up the good work!  

  • Keep it up!  There is definitely a change!

  • You look great! Keep up the hard work!!

  • There most certainly is a difference! Keep going!!!

    I can do all these through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

  • I see a difference!!!  AND you feel better too!  Good stuff is happening!!  Keep it up, and let us know if you need ideas...  You CAN do this and are doing it. :)