I did it!!!

  • Therese_anne,

    I work out on my lunch hour.  I did shoot for two days a week 1st thing in the morning during my challenge.  It's very hard for me to get up at 4:30 am!  I have an extremly busy scheduel and I have a 2 year old son so the evening are out of the question for my workouts.  


  • yes, i would also need to get up at 4:30am to work out before work. i should try to do a couple morning workouts a week too. thanks!

    Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can.

  • Your post just came at the perfect time for me to gear up for my second half.  I really want to make it all 12 weeks this time, regardless of the results....just honor that self-promise I made.

    Was wondering also...did you use any any supplements?  I drink Myoplex Lite after weigh training workouts, but so far I haven't tried anything else.  I am hesitant because I don't know much about them and I often wonder if there is another "boost" out there that could be helping me.  Part of me would prefer to just go with whole foods, since this is for life and that seems more realistic for me.

  • CC,

    I'm so glad you are sticking with it!  I'm sure you are a very busy lady as well and it's great that you are taking time out of each day for just YOU!!!  My workout times are MY time.  I zone out and enjoy it.  Working out is the highlight of my entire day!!

    As for the supplement question I do take CLA it's an essential amino acid that we lack in our natural diets.  We used to get CLA from beef when most of the beef was grass fed but now days that is rare.  CLA helps the body get rid of fat naturally.  It's proven in many case studies to help with losing weight.  I also buy the protien powder and make my own shakes, I add a little fish oil to them for an extra dose of  essentail amino acids.  I try and eat the best foods possible.  Organic and local are my first choices.  I also try an avoid eating out becuase you never know how much sodium and fat are added to seemingly healthy foods.

    You can do this CC!  You deserve it!  You are becoming a wonderful role modle to your children and this will change the rest of your life!  It's very exciting!  You go girl!