Baffled and Perplexed

  • Ok, today is Day 57 for me and I have had an incredible challenge thus far.

    I have had to trade in my medium gym shorts for small and also am in a small tank top. Everything looks and feels smaller, more toned etc. and I am see and feel great progress.


    However, when the gym measured me on Saturday (2 days before the end of week 8 which I did so I would be measured pre-Free day) my measurements have hardly changed since Week 4! I started at 127 and on Sat I weighed 123.

    I was a bit irked that even tho they told me that all the trainers measure 'the same way', in fact, I have learned over the weekend, that they don't. 

    The trainers are supposed to measure you on your 'hip bone' to get your hip measurements...but since I am short waisted, this gives a pretty crazy measurement. I 'think' the previous trainer measured differently. As a result, the measurements on Sat probably are grossly inaccurate  and THAT one number was the number that was giving me 'hope'! But to have hips 34 1/4 seems impossible to me! Last month they were 35 1/2 and measured where I would measure, they still are.


    Today, I weighed myself (day after Free Day...gulp!) and I have gained 1 lb but my bodyfat is lower than on Saturday, acc to the electronic gizmo.  I know those things aren't very accurate but I think they at least let you know if you are going up or down. Thankfully, it is going down! I have lost 3% bodyfat since starting if it's accurate so about 1.5% in 4 weeks I guess.


    Just venting that I am frustrated that actual numbers don't tell the same story that my clothing and appearance tell!


    My skin tone is much improved, I am firmer everywhere, i can see more and more muscles popping out but the actual places where they 'measure' seem to be the same.


    i know...I know... the next 4 weeks will tell the Real Story, right? So I should just push, push, push...Thanks for listening and if you have any insights, I would love to hear them.


    I get my 6 meals in, I drink more than 1 gallon a day of water, I have missed a 'few' veggies on some days, I take CLA once or twice  a day...




  • "My skin tone is much improved, I am firmer everywhere, i can see more and more muscles popping out but the actual places where they 'measure' seem to be the same."


    There's your answer right there and I didn't even have to go far to find it :)

    Muscle weighs more than fat as we all well know(but sometimes need to be reminded of).  The body fat % is the big one and that's where it kicks for you.  Nice work so far.

  • I hear your vent.  Glad that you are feeling better and that you see the muscles popping.  You know that even with the inconsistencies in your measurements that your body is healthier and fitter.  Congratulations on your progress so far.  I am cheering for ya.


  • That is the one lesson we learn over the course of a challenge.  We start out so concerned about the numbers, especially weight but we soon realize that all that doesn't really matter when we fit into sizes we thought we'd never get into (again for some).  Don't worry too much about the numbers.  You did see improvement.   There was someone who did BFL and only lost 3 lbs but she looked great.  She didn't have a whole lot to do for getting into shape in my opinion, but you can see how much better she looked.  Click here to see her results

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Thank you, James, Armster and Wonder-Woman, for your speedy replies!!

    I am not so concerned with the lbs lost as that the measurements haven't changed much considering that I do LOOK different. I think it's because I am losing fat in the in-between places where they don't measure! LOL I was happy that at least the fat % is going down a BIT... 3% or so. I am going to ask the trainer to do the calipers again at the very end.

    I know I can't have the incredible weight loss numbers others have because I started at 127 and am 5'3" so only want to lose 10-15 lbs BUT I would love to have the measurements change -- esp my waist, which hasn't. I know it's partly because I have not done a lot of ab work... Need to kick that up!

    Thanks again for all the insights!!  :-) I still FEEL and LOOK better!  :-)

  • Something else to consider is the "Week 8 Miracle".  It's in the "Champions Body for Life" book and I've touched on it here in the forums before.

    In a nutshell...

    For many people, especially women, following the BFL plan by the book MAY result in very modest results (in terms of numbers) for the first eight weeks or so.  Then, in week 9 or so, it's like your body throws a switch and BAM!  The results get better and more consistent.  Lots of scientific reasons for that, but needless to say, it does happen.

    In other words, keep your eating and workout schedule firm, don't go overboard on Free Day, and keep your metabolism revved.  Make sure you're getting your water and your sleep, too, because a deficiency in either of those WILL derail you!

  • Thank you, Jon!! I am starting Week 9, so we will see! I bet things will get better and better. I don't have a lot of inches TO lose in many places so I guess the stomach area will start to shrink. This is my GOAL!!!

    Has anyone else noticed how soft your skin gets??

    I am also very tired. I rested a lot yesterday but am still quite fatigued. I get up around 5 am so need a nap many days.

  • The only thing I ever use to measure is my clothes....namely my pants and shorts.....and my belt. I'm currently on day 50 and at the start of this challenge I was at my first hole on my belt. Now I am comfortably on the second hole.....that's all I need to know. I am not weighing myself until day 84. All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Thanks Fit4Life!

    I am very with my results so far. I am simply hoping that I have 'good numbers to report' because that makes it extra fun! 5 years ago, I lost 2 pant sizes, 10 1/2 lbs and 10 1/2 inches and I looked like a brand new person! I went from a size 10/12 to a 4/6 and soon a size 2 in some pants. Those same size 2 pants are now baggy on me... so I can't complain. I have 26 days remaining and a lot can still happen.

    SO THRILLED FOR YOU, LIESL!!!!  This accomplishment will change your life forever because you have outside acclaim for what you already knew was outstanding so your perception of yourself can and probably will rise to even greater new heights!!!

  • Oh Sweetie, Our heads can really do "us in"....  Numbers, as the others have said, they dont' mean much really.....  YOU ARE IN A LOOSE SIZE 2 PANTS! C'mon now...  You have to be happy with that mate!

    I hear you with the "slack on the abbs" bit... that has always been my worst exercise area too (funny how thats where my fat sits...) hehe, well, actually, that's not quite the reason for "tummy fat or pooch fat", Abs really are made in the kitchen, I'm sure if you were to put yourself in a tense pose you would feel your entire "core girdle" - it took awhile for me to feel that, but it is there, the trouble is, there are a few pounds of fat covering it still.....

    The closer we get to our "ideal physique" the MORE we see and feel the fat in our "worst area" - it just takes focus - you will get there, you know that, I know you know that!    It's good to "vent" our frustration and concern and doubts - but let it go and just continue on..




  • Confidence ~

    You made mention of how soft your skins is. Yes, this is true...NOW. However, I recall that for the first 4ish weeks of my first challenge i felt like I had reptile skin. I have no idea what caused that. My friend experienced the same thing. Just an observation. :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Renee, could it be that your body was shedding toxins and making your skin rough?? My skin also feels extra soft, I think, because the watery squishy-type fat is mostly gone and firmer stuff is stepping up to the top. My skin feels 'younger' and firmer.

    In the past, when I would eat more salmon, I even detected a slight glow to my skin and I attribute that glow to the oil in the salmon. A trainer even remarked to me, "I wish my skin would look like that!" I told her I thought the salmon was doing it...

  • Good to know about the salmon since I eat it daily!  I've found different ways to cook it, different seasonings to use and can't get enough!  I've also noticed that my skin has majorly improved in that I don't have the breakouts I was having before..  b/c of the clean eating.  THAT's been exciting!


    ~Let every opposition strengthen you, not stop you~

  • Andra, please share your salmon secrets! I love it, but the family could care less...

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • If you are eating it daily, could you be getting too much fat in your diet??