Going to Hawaii! Before/after pics!

  • Wow, you are so inspirational to me! I just started BFL on monday and being a mom to 2 I can't imagine how difficult some days must have been  to go to the gym with 4!!  Congratulations on your transformation.....you look beautiful!  

  • well down Noelle!!! I have been keeping an eye on your progress and its been a pleasure to watch you evolve through your journey, not only physically but spirtitually and emotionally too. I am nearing week 9 and like you are looking at doing this indefinitely with a break at week 13 in Bali. I know I will reach my end destination when I get there and no rush, for me it is all about the journey......have a great 2nd honeymoon, hope you have time to enjoy your new body  :)

  • Looking great!!!!!

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....wooo..hooooo

  • Wow!  Your discipline has paid off big time!  Proud of you.


  • Noelle,  I hope you have/had a great time in Hawaii. I am sure you are much more confident when you go to the beach nowadays. Let us all know sometime.

  • We had a fabulous time...then on the last day (September 25) we were doing a 8.5 mile hike and 6 miles in I broke my leg and ankle. Had to be flown out by helicopter. At home on crutches now. Two more weeks in hard cast then 5 weeks in walking cast. It's been SO hard. I haven't gained anything back because being a stay at home mom of four in crutches requires cardio, but I've also really slacked on eating well. :(

    - Ladynoelle

    "You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same."

  • I am glad that Most of your trip was wonderful and wish you a speed recovery on that broken leg and  ankle( I hope you didn't bring back any lava rocks from Hawaii, that's reported to be bad luck ...so I've heard from the locals).   Remember if they ask, you broke it skiing on the slopes of Hawaii (sounds more exotic perhaps)

  • You look great mama!

  • You are inspiring!  Starting my BFL journey TODAY!!!!!!

  • Congratulations!! You look FANTASTIC!!! Way to go!

  • Wow!!!  You look absolutely fabulous!!!  What a great job!  Enjoy every minute of your trip to Hawaii, especially your swim suit time!  You certainly deserve it!


  • I am just into my second week of my challenge. I was wondering if the results you posted above are from 12 weeks or more?

  • Great work cant wait til i take my after pic