• Serioulsy?!! **whistles here**

    You are in the zone little lady and well on your way to a STELLER KNOCK EM DOWN challenge. I see alot of change in your midsection. Alot. I think I see a bit of a smirk there too. :)

    Wow - 8 more weeks to go.

    Better line up some security.

    You're going to need it.

  • I'm in agreement with everyone else lots going on and only 4 weeks in!! Great work!!!

  • I see a huge difference.  Good job!


  • I totally see a difference.  Congrats!!! Keep it going!!!

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....wooo..hooooo

  • Great job! Please share samples of menus breakfast lunch and dinner. The menu planning is a challenge for me. Thanks

  • I don't know how many pounds you've dropped, but you look fantastic.  Pink undies & everything ;)  Just finished my 1st week so can't wait to get where you are today!

  • Looking good ! Keep up the great work ! ;)

  • Definite noticeable change and only at 4 weeks too!  All your hard work each day is surely paying off.  Keep up it--you can do this!

  • Well done a great achievment on your part keep up the good work. You are looking great

    Jonny V

  • Yes great job!!! Way to go.  You can tell over your entire body... but yes definitely the midsection is a huge improvement.  Have you been following BFL 100% or have you modified things at all?  Please do share....

  • THANK YOU guys so much for all your kind words.......@Legs...bahahahhaha, I dont know about the security part, but I am starting to get side glances from people at the gym who saw me when I started the program. The funny thing is, I see these people nearly every day and I can honestly say that most of them look exactly the same as when I first started at the gym. @tterrim- GO HARD!!! dont be afraid to push your boundaries and pull the ugly haka (nz war dance) faces while youre working'll see results faster ;)

    I am currently at the end of week 7 and will post my photos in another thread under MY BEFORE AND 7 WEEKS PROGRESS PHOTOS!!! GO BFL!!!!!!

  • Hi Want2BFit (great name)......Um I pretty much follow the program to a t.......of course some weeks I might have more like a free weekend instead of a free day :o.... but I'll ALWAYS make up for it by doing extra cardio on that day......Ive also had a week of being very sick and had a fever and everything, and couldnt eat much food, so had to drink a lot of shakes because i couldnt tolerate the thought of chicken for some reason.....but apart from my little hiccups I have pretty much tried to follow it to a T.

    Typical day.....meal 1: omolete (3 egg whites and 1 whole egg) with 2 whole wheat toast, 1 carrot juice (home made, love my juicer) with a bit of low fat cottage cheese.

    Meal 2:protein shake and orange ( but if im hungry i will eat a meal )

    meal 3: steamed chicken (bamboo steamers make all the difference) and brocolli, with potatoe and a bit of low fat cottage cheese meal 4: protein shake (if hungry will eat instead)

    meal 5: steamed chicken and brown rice with grated carrot .

    meal 6: protein shake and home made apple juice (if hungry will eat instead)

    I do have drink 10 cups of water religiously....very important!!! I drink 2 cups before I down my meals. Ive also been taking L-carnatine to help out, not something I do religously, some times I forget and go days without taking it. I also zuush my meals up with lots of herbs and flavours like garlic and ginger, dont be afraid to do this, just be weary of putting flavour on that has fat added to it.  So here u go, heres a typical day hope it helps ;)

  • Thanks!

  • You can totally see a difference after 4 weeks...good job!