Tweaking My Diet - any advice?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Well, I've been feeling a little bit discouraged about not losing a whole lot of weight after 11 weeks. There's been some bumps in the road, but the first eight weeks were a good solid effort with not a whole lot of visible change. I did lose about six lbs in the first eight weeks and two inches off my waist and four inches off my hips. Then it stopped. Then I went on vacation for two weeks and things were shaky. I gained back all six pounds and the two inches I lost on my waist are back on, though strangely not the four from my hips.

    After being back on for a week I've lost two pounds, so that's better than nothing. I guess I'm just coming to terms with the blues about not having the WOW effect on the pictures.

    Anyway, I haven't lost hope and I still really enjoy the BFL program for the energy it gives me.

    I just was doing some research about why my weight loss has been so slow and a few things came up that are interesting to me -- mostly that I'm probably eating too much despite following the original food plan of BFL. 

    I'm wondering who else has discovered this? How did you make changes?

    I've calculated that I'm eating about 1900 calories per day (I'm female, 5'6", and 180 pounds). My workouts have been great and I've seen a lot of improvement there.

    Just hoping to hear what others did to change when they weren't seeing results. If anyone out there has any info, please let me know.

    Thanks you!




  • I would love to hear everyone's advice on this as well!

    My mind and heart are on the mend and now, thanks to BFL, my body isn't too far behind! :-)


  • Hi Physicalserentiy,

    I am sorry you are feeling discouraged - it sounds like the first 8 weeks were solid for you.  I think it will probably just take a couple more weeks from the vacation weight and inches to come off.  I follow the BLF eating and exercising strictly too - I started at 153 lbs and I am 5'7" and am in week 4 currently ( have done the program in the past too) - down 7 lbs and haven't taken my measurements yet - waiting till the end of this week.  I track all my food on just so I can track my calories, carbs and protein and I average about 1300 to 1400 max calories a day.  I think it is important to really look at what you are eating.  I know the book says the fist measurement but I think sometimes when we are hungry our fist tends to grow.  I don't know if maybe dropping the calories a bit might help and taking a closer look at portions.  I know sometimes we just hit a plateau and then all of the sudden the weight just drops off so that could be happening also.  Stick with it because it will happen for you.  Everyones bodies are so different.  Best of luck to you!

  • HI kabbott,

    You know I think you are bang on with the "fists grow" thing. I'm going to start sticking to 1 Cup measurements for grains, and my food scale for meats. I've never tracked my calories online, but I think I'm going to give that a try. Thanks for posting the link.

    1300-1400 per day? I guess that's what it takes. I'm definitely over that, since I did weigh and measure a few days worth of food to figure out my "fist" worth of calories. It did put me up in the 1800-1900 calorie range and as you mention, it could be more or less depending on the day.

    I know Bill's original diet was intended to move away from calorie counting, but honestly, I think I should have started tweaking my diet a few weeks back. I got carried away on vacation, so that's what I'm paying for now.

    Thanks for taking the time to write! I really appreciate your help!

    Best wishes!

  • I will tell you that understanding your own body is the toughest thing to conquer.  I use the Body-for-Life daily as a guide to eat healthy and stay on track.  I began the program on 1/3/2011 and did it for the 12 weeks with great results.  I DID NOT miss a workout or cheat in anyway, other then Free Day.  I started at 204 and I am now 172.  I needed two challanges and still do not have the ABS i want.  My belief is that certain people achieve the ripped look and cover module appearances.  It depends on your body.  I do believe everyone has the ability to see results, but it takes longer for most people.  I was overweight and knew that I could not see the results in 12 weeks.  I believe it takes more time to achieve a cover module body.  I stuck with the fist and palm measurements and six meals a day.  It works if stay dedicated and push to achieve your goals.  My pictures show my progress.  I actually had to increase my calories to build muscle.  I am much bigger and need up date my pictures.  Here is my point, you need to keep trying different things to see what works.  This really applies to after the 12 week challange.  I still struggle with calories.  With my increased exercise I increased my calories to about 2500-2700 a day.  When I was in the 12 weeks it may have been 1700-2100.  All I can say is the program works and stick with it.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!  

    I hope this helps



    There is some excellent information on that link.. I started this BFL challenge weeks 1-5 on around 2000 calories based on BFL sizing ideas... and found it way too little Protein to build any strength... I am now at 3000 calories (I am 190 lbs and very active) made up of 180-220g Protein, 300-400g Carbs and 60-90g fat...

    Since INCREASING my calories I have built decent muscle and lost a lot of inches from my waist... I also did some IF for a few weeks and 2 days juicing to mess with my body and have been having consistent cheat days in the last 5 weeks (I am at week 11 day 3).. My BF is down from 31% or so to 18.5%...

    For you - 180 lbs and 1900 calories is very low to gain sufficient bulk to allow the body to burn the fat.... each 1lb of muscle added will burn off around 50 calories a day... and by eating less you may be tricking your body into doing what you DO NOT WANT IT TO DO... ie store fat..

    Mess with your macros and total intake every 3-4 weeks or so and see if you notice your clothes changing the way they shirts are loose now at my gut and tight at my shoulders etc

    As Scott said.. I am not sure if you have lifted weights before... it can take a long time to build a body you want and 12 weeks is but a great learning cycle in terms of time... If you have no muscle memory it will take time

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