The new me. Pictures.

  • Fantastic results! I can't imagine what you'll look like in four weeks!

    How tall are you? Unless you're at least  5'7" or 5'8" it's strange to see that you're weighing 140. That muscle sure looks great no matter how much it  weighs though. It's probably a big help to people to see that the scale weight is fairly irrelevant.

    One more question ... did you do just the "prescribed" amount of cardio? Three days per week, HIIT for twenty minutes, first thing in the morning, don't eat for min. one hour afterwards?

    Keep up the great work! it's very inspiring.


  • PatriciaK

    I am 5'4" and I still have fat on my body, but I am bigger boned. I have always had a lot of lower body muscle due to playing soccer my whole life. But yes, you can base anything off of the scale. I still weight myself now and then but just look at inches.

    And yes I did 20 min of cardio 3 days a week. I never did it first thing in the morning because I am a student and was not able to do it before school. So I did the cardio in the afternoon. I know that is not ideal but I had to make it work. I took a little break from BFL but still ate the same. My workouts were varied but now I am back on track and set some new goals.

    Looking back at family pictures and videos from when I was heavier is all the motivation I need to keep going and never go back. It brings me to tears when I see pictures of the old me. But then I remind myself to be thankful to where I am today and to keep looking ahead. I thank God for my transformation as He is the one who kept me motivated, because I honestly couldn't have done it alone.