Am I slipping?

  • This is a great thread...not just for Stacy, but all who read these positive suggestions and affirmations. I concur with what everyone has been saying but will just add what has been working for me so far.

    I too use the Journal and make sure to take the time to plan...EVERY DAY. I also look in the mirror first thing every morning and ask myself how bad do I want this? Am I willing to make the sacrifices to complete this Challenge?

    I try to use positive visualization techniques every day. Sometimes, I visualize opening the FedEx box from EAS, which contains my leather Champions jacket. Soemtimes, it's seeing those ab muscles finally making themselves visible. You get the idea.

    I live in a house where the rest of my family usually eats very differently than I. To be fair to them, I have not asked them to eliminate the MANY bad foods that they enjoy, which I can't eat. Instead, when I see them eating those foods, I leave the room and to squelch temptation, I tell myself that Champions don't eat that sh*t. Champions eat properly portioned amounts of protein and quality carbohydrates with veggies. Thankfully, it has been working well.

    Keep the positive attitude and behaviors and soon, they become second nature. Temptation dies down and you'll find that your success will return.

    Final reminder: Stay off the scale!! Don't let that be your measure of success. I didn't see success for weeks and then all of a sudden, it seemed like in Week 7, major changes started happening. Every person is different but it is true what they say: The transformation doesn't really kick in until the second half of the Challenge.

    You Can Do It!

    Winners never quit, and quitters never win

  • Northern IL Russ;

    Congrats on finishing your challenge. You have now pushed your body to the limit and it is best to take 2 weeks of active rest. Keep eating your 6 BFL meals a day but stay out of the gym. You can do some fun classes you have wanted to try or do sport but no weights or HIIT for 2 weeks. After that you can start another challenge if you choose/ need to.


  • Russ,

    It's my first successful time. Sorry  didn't make that clear! I didn't get past the first couple of weeks the first times. I think that people keep going and tweak their diet and/or workout for their next challenges. Congrats! You are almost there! Do you see the difference?

    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • I feel the same way, just finishing week 4, and followed everything to a T until last weekend had a couple sips of beer, then this weekend, find myself having my cheat day yesterday and then wanting to have a cheat meal tonight out with friends. I don't want to start messing with the program and am disappointed in myself. I too need to get my motivation back because I have 8 weeks to go. It's tough. I have no problem working out hard, it's the eating that is my challenge. Won't give up though. Just saying it's tough.

  • JACKSON, KATIEBUG, STACE....I can't imagine there has been a single person that has gone thru the full 12 weeks that didn't have hurdles to clear.   You can't rely on willpower, it's based on emotion.

    MAKE SURE you are taking a FREESOMETHING on FREEday.  It's the built in safety net. It also serves as a friendly reminder of how crapfull you may have use to eaten/drank.

    JUST FOR TODAY~BEFORE YOU REACT TO ANYTHING TAKE A SECOND TO WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS (whether its what you say or an action you take). TAKE THE HIGH ROAD... it's not the one our old habits would usually choose...MAKE THE CHOICE THAT IS VERY BEST FOR YOU.  


  • I just wanted to throw this in...yesterday I was on the road with the radio ALOT...I dont remember the song, but one of the lines in the song was "I want to be the extra mile"...SO LETS BE THAT FOR US....lets go a little further, push a little harder and BE that extra mile for US - because we ARE worth it. Dont stop because it is the easy way out, time is up, or the clock says bedtime...go the distance. WE ALL DERSERVE IT....THIS TIME.

  • Liesl -

    Wow - is all I can say!!  This 12 week run has been a blast of experience.  Seeing myself asd I truely am in my good and weker moments.  Tasking time off is scary.  I love the dicipline.  I enjoy the structure knowing its attached to a goal witha finish line.  I think I need to plan my days/2 weeks of rest.  Walking, running, hiking, bike riding, motorcyling, etc.  No weights - that sounds wierd!  

    I definitely want to continue on with a plan.  Nothing other than BFL sounds of interest to me.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!!!!!



  • Thanks Trudy!!

    You and everyone in this program is wonderful.  I feel so supported and like I'm apart of something that's so much bigger than me.

    Have a Happy BFL Saturday!

  • Katiebug -

    I do see a difference.  I didn't have much to lose but my body is going through a repositioning.  I have a different kind of form -HAha.  I smile when I see myself not just on how I look but I know I have earned the change.  Gaining 5 lbs of muscle is harder than I thought it would be because I had nothing to compare it too.  Planning, eating, working out, sharing and helping others has been huge.  That's why I want to do it again to see the changes take place in all areas of my life.   New goals are on the way!!