10 Weeks done and ready for the last two weeks

  • I have made it to the last 2 weeks of my challenge. Feeling a bit tired and looking forward tothe rest but still have two weeks of hard graft to do.

    Things are stating to fall into place I have reached one of my goals so far and now that i have two weeks left it is ball to the walls to reach more of my goals for these 12 weeks.

    Any one who is starting this challenge this coming week or next month, plan plan and plan that is my advise to you.

    day of tomorrow and ready for next week. Where ever you are in the world have a great weekend.

    Jonny V


  • Excellent Job Jonny!!!!  Get er' done!

  • Hey man,

    WELL DONE : ) Im just about to start my final two weeks also.  Im tired and a bit over it now, but mate what journey - lol.. I took a bit of a drop in weight this week, but not as much as i would have liked, thats cool though.  Can I ask what your first goal was, the one you have now achieved? how have you found it all in terms of how long to see results etc...

  • Hi Spinney

    My goal i reached was to loose 12% body fat  which i done already, i started seeing muscle def now and feeling great posing in the gym mirrow at 4am in the morning on the platform gym, by myself,

    How you doing on your last few weeks?

  • Hey Jonny V,

    You may have seen my most recent post re these two weeks.  Yup im shot! I havent missed one workout, however im very over it now - lol... I can feel great muscle build up, particulary in my shoulders, its just a matter of peeling back the fat to expose them now.  Ive gone from 80kg to 74.1.. my body shape is better and im not so fat around the face, smaller chest, not where i want to be at this point but i know ive worked as damn hard as poss and been fantastic on the food front.  I have gone down in measurements a little also.

    Lets go hard and catch up in for me 11 days, Sat July 30th is D Day (nz)

  • willlet you know how these last two weeks go and finish off. I am having a bit of a fat day were i feel fatter than yesterday but a mate sed tome yesterday you are looking good and lost so much weight. No he is not gay just giving me a good comment.

    I have been training hard and just finished planning for tomorrow. Is NZ at the end of you post for Newzealand? If so my sister and her Husband live in Auckland and was there at christmas and new year. what a great place. If you are a Kiwi good luck on the challenge and the rugby world cup because us bokke are bring it back home lol.

    Catch up soon dude best of luck

  • Souds like you are doing fantastic Jonny V keep the faith and finish up in style!!!

  • Yes it is, a proud Kiwi i am, Cantabrian born and at heart, but a JAFA for the last 5 years now - lol... (JAFA = 'Just another f*!#k*n aucklander'  your sis and hubby will know what that means if you don't, lol.. ask them).  Mate, i hope for once in FOREVER our boys bring that cup home! how can the All Blacks be the best, yet fail to get the rugby world cup??? lol..