2 weeks till the end!

  • Hey all,

    Well what a difficult journey this has been - lol.. im sucking it all in now to get through my last 2weeks and 2days.  Unfortunatly, i have not had any miracle period but ill keep pushing through.  I may have lost about 3inches tops all over and about 4.5kg loss, but now that i have my medical stuff confirmed its no wonder really. 

    TDon't let this put you off, in my past two challenges my results have been more than amazing!.  Part of my condition means that i don't burn insulin very easily at all, twice as hard than a 'normal' persons.  I really really really wish i had the diagnosis before i started then my treatment would be well under way.  But again, some people are far worse off and at least my body can exercise.. hehe im trying to keep my head up.

    : )

  • Sorry i think ive only lost like 1.5inches all over - oh dear : ( lol...