Week 5 Update

  • Down 10 lbs, and lost 22.5 inches so far. Weeks 4 and 5 havebeen really trying for me. My kids have either woken me upseveral times at night due to illness, or I have felt really tired and wanting to throw in the towel. I have Rheumatoid arthritis also, which makes me tired and the meds do too. But I'm still hanging on. have not missed any workouts and am doing okay with the eating.  Had a few bowl sof cereal this week, but still holding on!!!


  • The inches I lost were from all over. I measure a lot of places, (knees, mid thigh, upper thigh, etc) not just the typical few places.

  • good job bluenile,  even with the trils and tribulations that we all face you are hanging in there.  We don't talk enough on this site about the importance of sleep, so hope you can get your rest.  Hang in there

  • Thank you firesong! Yeah, I am so tired, emotionally but the physical fatigue has gotten the best of me today. Tomorrow is a new day! Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I hope you can find a way to get 8 hours of sleep.   Everything else in the challenge will start to suffer if you don't.  And boy does sleep help you deal with the emotional turmoils.  Keep at it.   Oh and as long as its not capn crunch, its not the end of the world to have cereal.  

  • Firesong is correct,  that was one of my errors during my First Challenge last year,  I didn't always get a full nights sleep and that is very important to gains as I realized all too late.

  • Seriously! The sleep issue has set me back a bit, and trying to catch up is impossible since it's sleep lost forever :-/  Burnout is a real issue now.

  • Ture bluenile,  once the sleep is lost there is no such thing as catching up.  But you can start from here forward.  Set a bedtime for yourself, even if there are 'things' you have to do like dishes or pick up the house etc etc.   ( I of course am not putting kids into the etc category)  We do have a tendency to think we have to do everything, and maybe we don't.  Once you start getting good sleep, you will have the energy for the etc's.  And don't forget to breathe.