1 or 2 hours before eating after cardio???

  • I can't remember and don't have the book.

  • In the book he recommends 45 minutes. Personally I dont have time since I do my cardio in the morning so I usually wait 30 minutes but I wouldnt wait more than an hour.

  • The general rule is to eat 1 hour after cardio and within15 minutes after lifting weights.  It takes getting used to eating on schedule but you'll get the hang of it.

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  • bye2babyfat, I go back to my book regularly.  It helps me keep on track.  I recommend looking in used book stores or try amazon.  It is worth buying it.  Even if you feel you know the program and even with this site it helps center me and answers my questions.

  • The book is being sold on Amazon from 5 dollars for a used one. Grab a copy as it's running out fast. I lost my first copy on the train few weeks ago and got myself another from there.

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  • I go my book , slightly used but in great shape from a company connected with Goodwill on the evey popular E---b--y site.  I got it for a dollar plus shipping and the profits go to a charity up north connected to Goodwill Industries.

  • The only thing I remember about this is wait one hour after any workouts? Do I have that wrong? I wait one hour whether it's weights or cardio. I don't recall the fifteen minutes post-weights rule? Please enlighten me.

  • Actually, you’ll find answers all over the place on this.  Here is a link to a post I made on this site covering what the BFL folks say:




    I can’t remember exactly where the 15-30 minutes came from for after weight training (maybe a Myoplex shake) but I’ve seen it mentioned on several different sites and mentioned on here by others.  I’ve also seen it mentioned to have something immediately after weights.  Here’s info from WebMD that explains why. 




    Hope this helps. 

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  • My friend just got the book on Amazon for ONE PENNY, and the shipping was 3.99

  • EAS is recommending the half hour.  It is on their shakes, and a friend in another friend called them and they told her that directly.

  • Firesong - is that after weights, cardio or both?

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  • I am all about burning fat, so I always wait at least an hour after all forms of exercise to eat.  If you're more about building muscle, you should eat shortly after lifting.

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  • its within 30 minutes, not wait 30 minutes. EAS slogan is to not waste your workout and to consume your PWO meal within 30 minutes of a training session. And by training session they mean weights and cardio.