• Create an account, then go immediately to the tab "food log". Insert a simple form of words to descrive what you ate like "cottage cheese" instead of "Tesco chive and onion cottage cheese" for example. When you find it in the list, choose the one closest to what you had. From the drop list change the weight or portion to what you had. They will ask you to choose a meal (whether breakfast/dinner/etc. I always click breakfast to keep things simple. When you are done, you will find a tab at the top of the page (a bit down not way at the top) called FOOD ANALYSIS. You click that, and scroll down. You will find a colorful table with the breakdown of how may carbs/proteins/fats/calcium/vitamins you had that day.

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  • is also awesome

  • Drink MUCH MORE WATER, I mean a LOT more. I drink 2 gallons a day (I am a camel) and more when I feel weak and tired. Also, maybe eat more in the after work out meal and the one after that. I also eat something in the middle of the night if I awake (strawberries or a myoplex light).... if you get really bad do a slow long walk instead of aerobics for a day and then see how you feel the next day.

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Try taking N. O. Explode, (manufactured by BSN), before your workouts. It's a very low calorie high energy supplement that gives amazing workouts by supplying Nitrous Oxide to the cells; they need this to function properly. It is all the rage with body buiders; it gives me amazing non-tired workouts. Don't take it in the evening or you won't get to sleep until the "wee hours" of the morning.

    The other thing I did to enhance my energy and make weight loss easy was I cut out all foods that contained gluten. I never guessed that gluten was what was causing my weight loss. You can learn about it on the internet.

    Thirdly I discovered that my blood type is O positive and soy products don't work as well for me. You can research Blood Type Diets on You Tube on the internet.

    I lost 12 pounds in one week when I cut the gluten out of my diet and was NEVER tired or hungry. You can try it and see how your body responds. Most health food stores have rice bread and rice tortillas. I personally love bread but wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole now-a-days.

    Also there are some excellent products that help the body release fat during weight loss; I use LipoTrim by NOW SPORTS.

    One thing is for sure you are lacking enough nutrients or else you would have sufficient energy no matter how severe the "potion" reduction. I have found that Choline Cocktail by Twin Labs (not the green label but the Red one) when used in combination with powdered Inositol by Jarrow Formulas is very powerful for low calorie energy and magnificent for ENHANCING brain power.

    Another low calorie high energy powder/drink formula that I use is Super Food Plus by Dr. Schultze; you can find him at

    Your diet is not giving you enough nutrients and when you change that you will find that you will NOT get tired during weight loss.

    The body should not be starving it should be nourished with low calorie high energy foods. A little research on the internet will reveal a list of NEGATIVE CALORIE FOODS. These are foods that require more calories to digest than is contained in the food. So you actually burn fat (calories) while digesting your nutients; GREAT CONCEPT ehh!

    When I was studying Accupuncture and Chinese Medicine I learned that 4000 years ago they were warning people to stay away from hot greasey meals. Now-a-days that would include greasey salad dressings like Ranch and blue cheese.

    You'll win at this thing just remember the words of Winston Churchill "NEVER GIVE UP". Good luck my freind, and let me know how things turn out. Ohh! and remember to get plenty of rest or the body cannot recover and be ready for the next day. Late nights are a NO NO.  Chow

  • Dear Low energy, I forgot how fabulous a juicer is for energy during weigh loss. Good luck.

  • It just occured to me that you may have a smaller hand for your body size than what Bill Phillips has for his body size. Portion size is just an easy way of controlling calories without counting them ( a burden )  some peoples hand size won't give enough nutrients.

  • Thanks all : )