Week 5 progress (this is weird!)

  • Not sure where I heard it now.  That's just what I ended up doing and it worked really well.  But that is for me.  Let me do some digging to find why I went with the monthly change.

  • sounds like you are definitely losing fat. As for the thighs, you probably gained some muscle there. I found around week 5 or 6 my thighs seemed bigger even though everything else was getting smaller. Then towards the end, after weeks of staying the same size, they started shrinking again by about .25 inches a week. The second month of the challenge seemed to be the tightening phase where my body changed on the inside and the fat inside turned to muscle so to speak. Then the last month, the fat on the outside started melting away. Just stick with it! You are obviously making great progress. The thighs are usually the last to go on us ladies anyway!