Week 5 progress (this is weird!)

  • HI All,

    I am half way through week five. Feeling a bit better after a cold had me miss yesterday's workout. I just went for my morning aerobics today though and feel like the worst of it has passed. Actually, today I feel well rested and energetic :-)

    This is mostly for the women who feel disheartened by not seeing the results. I did photos and measurements at the beginning of this week. I'll just share my story so far:

    Me - 5'6" 181 lbs (well this week I weight 178lbs!)

    My arms and calves have not changed at all. 

    My thighs have grown half an inch!!! (each!)

    now get this...

    My waist has lost 1 1/2 inches!

    My hips have lost 4 inches! (that's right - 4 inches!)

    So, the photos actually don't show any of this. And I swear the behind shots actually look worse. So really I don't know what to think of all of this, but I know that I can't quit or go backwards! All the encouragement that gets shared in these online communities is fabulous and what I'm hearing is, DON'T GIVE UP!!!

    So, wishing you all a great workout! If anyone else has news please share with me!




  • 4 inches in your hips??!? That's awesome! Focus on that and not the rest; though it sounds like you're adding muscle. I'm in week 1 and this helps me keep it real.  The changes aren't immediate. But they will happen. It's encouraging that you're feeling energized... that's good.  That's why I love this forum site, you hear encouraging words that remind us to keep our eyes on the prize....which is to be the healthiest our body's can be.

  • Serious changes come on week 10, 11, 12 and sometimes also well into the active rest.

    I'm starting week 5 on Saturday. Some of my clothes are loose around the waist, tight around the thighs and upper arms, scales say i gained 4 pounds one day and lost 2 pounds the other (under controlled circumstances). Friends say i look the same, it's a circus. I am looking forward to week 12.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • @wyndi - please post your progress! i'd love to keep in touch.

    @Ruby -- what a circus! you go girl and feel free to keep in touch on your progress too.

    onwards ladies!

  • Physicalserenity,

    It gets better with time. I have seen many photos of BFLers, and sometimes up until week 10-11 no change is seen then in the space of two more weeks (11-12), the fat is gone it's almost unbelievable. Some show painfully slow change.

    I can see tiny changes and sometimes I put a pair of jeans on and they are as tight as they were two months ago. Sometimes I feel i am humoring myself when i see the changes and sometimes I feel i am hanging in there just for the sake of curiosity to see "if" the weight will melt off in week 12.

    Every day is an easy challenge for me except the last two days of the week. Especially, day no. 6. This is when I usually feel I am running on empty and want to start free day right after my workout.

    I hate day No. 6. :o(

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi physicalserenity, we are the same height and I started the challenge at about where you are...actually on Feb 14 I started an unofficial challenge and weighed in at 185.  I lost about 8 lbs and started my "official" BFL challenge at the beginning of April at 177.  I'm now floating around 166-170 (that significant fluctuation is driven by a number of things, not the least of which is my sodium intake...if I watch it for a few days I'm at then lower end, if I don't, then the higher range. I am a saltaholic, so this is also part of my challenge!) I have lost inches along the way but am just NOW really starting to see significant changes.  What happened for me was that as I was building muscle, the layer of fat in top of it would make areas of my body seem "bigger." But that was temporary...that muscle is increasing your metabolic rate, and as you continue the program and the body fat reduces, you see the difference! But it does take time, which is why sticking with it is so critical.  I would also say that the nutrition component is critical...I personally have to watch my calories so I count them as well, they stay in the 1500 range.

  • Thanks BFLbride2B: Your progress sounds amazing! I wonder: did you take a rest period before starting your official challenge? I hear that a break in between challenges actually accelerates the fat loss for Challenge 2. Also, I'm not counting calories yet. 1500 sounds a bit low to me for someone who is exercising. I guess it depends on metabolism? I figure my calories are more in the 1800-2000 range. I can say for certain that I have not been hungry once. I have been tired and unmotivated, but not hungry. So far I'm going to stick with my plan because it seems to be working, but I'll be doing a second challenge as well, so I'll keep your words in mind!

    Please feel free to share your story as we go along!

  • HI Ruby! You crack me up! I usually have a glass of wine on Saturday evening to help me relax (my free day is Sunday). So I guess I start giving in a little bit before the free day officially starts. My big problem is that by Friday and Saturday I just do not want to get up and exercise. I-want-to-sleep-in!! For me, free day is about a gigantic breakfast with all the condiments (butter, peanut butter, whip cream, maple syrup, sausages etc). I usually don't need to overeat after that meal, but I let myself have a rich Sunday dinner (last week it was pizza. the week before it was baguette, cheeses, cured meats and red wine!).... now this is making me salivate lol!


    Every day no. 5 i go through the same monologue "I am tired, I am stressed, I am in pain, I am not going to the gym!". Followed by a good self-scolding and feet-dragging to the gym. I come back to the same old diet and by then it looks so obnoxious that I lose my appetite and don't care when my next meal is up.

    Day 6, all I can think of is to get that week done with, and buy myself a tiny treat (a bead for my bracelet) to congratulate myself on going through 6 days of labor/sweat camp.

    Decadent day 7 usually has nothing on the menu worthy of being called "food": Doritos, gateaux, lolly pops, cotton candy. Compared to those, French fries are a healthy food lol

    The lady at the supermarket asked "do you have kids visiting you?" (she knows i don't have kids)... I said "nope" looking at the ceiling hehehe

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Just tell her next time that you're getting it for a party. hehe

    Actually, the funny thing is that with your measurements you're right on. My thighs have hardly budged... However....when I flex my thighs, I now see my quads muscle ALL the way up to the top of my leg!!! Now THAT is something to celebrate. When I look at my leg from behind, I actually 1.) see my hamstring muscle and 2.) see it progress up my leg as I lose fat. So don't feel bad that you're thighs aren't changing measurement; they have a really large muscle. Oh, and a benefit of increasing muscle and losing fat there? less cellulite. :)

    Great job! Good progress. :)

    - Rachel

  • Rachel,

    Just hanging in there and sticking with it for 5 weeks now is an achievement for me. i am a quitter when it comes to food and cardio. I must have done something really good for me to find the BFL book. I hate diets with limited options and food suited to rabbits, staying away from my sweets and treats, and I hate cardio like the plague. I love weights and healthy foods but I want my sweets as well. When I found that book I KNEW my life will change.

    It will be a long, long for me before i see the changes you are seeing on your body. To give you a hint, I am one donut roll of fat down, two more to go lol. I am also b cup... on my back lol

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi Serenity, I did not take an active rest between my unofficial challenge and the one I began  April 3...reason was simply because my unofficial challenge was not very focused...so not much of a challenge I would say :) On the calories, 1500 is my average...some days I'm a little less, some days a little more.  I have found that when I stay in the 1700-1900 range I plateau.  So like you said, if you have found that 1800-2000 cals is working for you, stick with it.  If you start to plateau, you may want to revisit and experiment with shaving off 100 cals or so.  I also have some pretty significant goals with an upcoming wedding, so I'm going for as much fat loss as possible while staying sane and not bonking my energy or stalling my metabolism :)

  • Hi Ladies,

    Well a wedding is an awesome goal to work towards. I've had far too many years of wedding photos where I am the chubby bridesmaid :-) Luckily I'm not in any weddings this summer!! Best wishes for your goals!

    I am on W6D2 today. I am still sort of fighting a cold. I had a great UBWO yesterday, but my cardio this morning was crappy because my lungs and sinuses are still a bit congested. It just needs to run it's course I guess because my energy is pretty reasonable, so I don't think I need to take any days off.

    I'm going to switch up my workout next week. I've been on the same workout plan since day one. I'm pretty shocked at how much more I'm lifting. Last night I did my biceps highpoint sets with 22.5lbs weights!! My arms were pumped. Maybe this is why they haven't lost any inches lol! It will be nice to have new exercises to focus on hitting tens with.

    I'm still praying to the gods of lean. I can't wait to lose fat and inches - can't wait to wear a cute little summer dress.

    BFLbride2b: thanks for the tip on the calories. I will definitely keep this in mind if I'm still stuck after eight weeks.

  • serentiy,

    I changed up my workouts every month in C1 and doing the same for C2, just changed them last week.  For me, it gives me time to adapt and then increase my weight lifting, and then change, and i have to adapt again, and then gain.  It seems to work well.  

  • thanks firesong. just curious: where did you hear every month? i've always heard change your workout every six weeks... i've known since day one that I would need 2 challenges to get to my goals anyway, so i'll be rotating a few times before i get that summer dress I've been eyeing in the shop window! :-)