is anything REALLY happening?

  • i'm on week 6 day 2...feeling really upset because i have been following the nutrition by the book and working out really hard..always pushing my weights the most i can.

    i took "progress pictures" this morning and compared them to my start photos.  i feel like they look exactly the same.  it's like my goals list is shattered and that there is no way i can reach them by the end of the 12 weeks.  i don't expect that lots of body fat will just "disappear" overnight and "all of a sudden" all my "muscle" will show through.  that doesn't make sense to me.  i should be seeing more right now.  more definition, more fat loss. i know everyone says that things don't really start to happen until week 8, but then what is happening NOW?

    i've already told a lot of people that i'm doing the body for life program and will be completely embarrassed if i end up going back to school in august with hardly any noticeable change.  i want the "wow" effect.

    i feel completely trapped in a chubby-average american girl suit.  >:(



    *NOTE: sorry for the negativity. i just needed to get all of this off my chest..and i don't want to go crying to my parents, sisters or boyfriend about it.

  • it takes time. trust me im right there with you but from what everyone says it happens in the last week.

    right now all that matters is do you feel better? mentally emotionally, physically?

  • There needs to be a thread that empahsizes week 6. Im serious.

    EVERYBODY goes through how you are feeling in those middle weeks.

    The "winners" trust the program, continue to hit 10's (I mean REAL 10's) and eat clean. REAL clean.

  • legs - i eat 100% clean every day out of the week except for free day where i will have cheese and sugar, etc.  however i'm reconsidering free day and am not going to do it the same as i have been from here on out.  i will instead eat a little more healthy carbs than normal and maybe a free meal on that day.

    mell392 - i feel better mentally and physically until i look in the mirror and see all the changes that haven't happened, haha. i know that's the wrong attitude, and i don't always feel like that but sometimes i just can't help it.

  • I am trying to search for some posts relating to your frustration. They must be at home. :(

    Keep doing what you are doing. Trust the program. Be honest with yourself.

    Imagine a chuck beef roast with all the marbling fat in it. That was you 6 weeks ago.

    Now, you are closer to that lean sirloin roast - all that hard work has removed the marbling and created strong lean muscles.

    For the next 6 weeks - look out! That lean foundation will only get better if trained and fueled right.

    Make sense? Its a process ... it takes time and is SO worth it.

    Here is another good one to visualize written by Orrin:

    Fat doesn't spot reduce. It comes off evenly like in sheets. There are places, however,  where we hang on to fat stores. It takes longer for us to notice changes in these places. Imagine your body is a swimming pool with a deep end and a shallow end. When you start BFL you pull the plug on that pool and the fat begins to drain. As we go along and the fat drains we see the shallow end first. (places like our shoulders) This is exciting and we keep going. But the deep end of the pool can be deep. (places like our bellies and love handles) Have you ever noticed when a pool or bathtub drains how it drains equally and by just looking at the surface it can, at times, be hard to tell if the level is even going down? This is what happens in our bodies. Be encouraged! The fat is draining! It just takes time to get to the bottom of that deep end.

  • Hi Nebotti,

    I am 4 days away from finishing my challenge.  I posted new pictures today and took measurements.  I lost 2" from my bust, waist, hips and thighs but I didn't lose any scale weight, I'm still at 132 lbs and my body fat is still reading 21%.  I told you at week 6 I was going to quit because I felt I wasn't making progress ( also because I gained weight) and even though I didn't slim down the way I wanted, I still think I made great progress and look better than before. I think you will be happy with the changes you are going to see in the coming weeks.  Did you adjust your good fat intake?  I know you said it was a little low before.  I don't think you will be disappointed, just have faith that changes are around the corner.


    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • I looked at your pictures and I see a change. Your stomach has more definition and you have definitely lost weight in your upper thighs.

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    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • legs - thanks, that analogy is pretty helpful.  i feel like my body is simply really stubborn (just like my personality, haha) and that i'm going to really have to push it a little more nutrition wise to get it to lose the fat it apparently loves so much.  i'm going to keep my carbs between 80 and 100g 6 days out of the week now, then on "free day" i'm going to raise them to maintenance carbs of about 150g.  from everything i've read on the subject, keeping the carbs at this level should really cause the fat to come off.  

    pattymelt - yes, i've added small amounts of olive oil to meals 4 and 5 then have a tablespoon of natural almond butter with cottage cheese for meal 6.  since i have more fat to lose than you did, i'm hoping for more of a noticeable change during this second half

  • Hi Nebotti-

    I agree with Legs. Your tummy is more defined and your upper thighs look slimmer. I also noticed your back looks more defined too.

    i think sometimes we don't see our personal changes because we don't think they are big enough to be excited about. But there are changes!

    -- Imagine how you would look if you never did start BFL and just continued on the way you were eating (the way we were all eating before). No definition.

    Keep going!!

  • There are scores of articles on the site mostly by someone who used to contribute to the forums extensively under the name BFLmike. I'm sorry to hear he is no longer with us due to an accident. His articles are a great read. If you use the search button, you will find them.

    Women see change after week 10. That is AFTER week ten.

    Men see change AFTER week 8.

    Photos of member fit4life will put things in perspective for you. not sure if you can find the members by doing a search on them.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Nebotti

    I just saw your pictures-- I think you look fabulous!  I see a lot of progress.  Make sure you are using the heaviest weight possible.  I think you will do great and you will be very happy with your results.


    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • ruby - i've seen his profile before and it still amazes me everytime..his body is AWESOME. there's no doubt about that.  i guess the primary reason that i'm getting kind of worried is that the women i've seen on and off the forum who did BFL and ended with an entire body transformation had noticeable changes in their week 4, 8 and (course) 12 photos.  yes, their best changes happened between weeks 8 and 12 but i just don't feel like my body is physically changing at the rate it would need to for me to have the kind of body i was hoping for at the end. (lean look, smaller hips, flat stomach maybe slightly defined, defined upper body and legs)

    bye2babyfat - thanks! i notice my back randomly sometimes but for some reason the camera can't quite capture them yet ;)  actually, before starting the challenge i didn't eat BAD foods, just too much sometimes. i  had a problem with lots of snacking and mindless munching.  i do know that thus far BFL has SERIOUSLY taken away my problem with snacking (since i'm eating fulfilling mini meals every 2.5 to 3 hours) and i never feel as though i better "fill up now" because i know i'll be getting more food soon enough.  i also have never done this much consistent and focused strength training before - i love it!

  • I am at six weeks, day two as well.  Looking at your progress, you're doing a lot like me, it's all subtle changes, but no movement on the scale or measurements.   I am seeing that your calves are getting more cut, your inner thighs have gone down, and your shoulders are more defined.  Your waist has a really nice shape!   We're only halfway through this, so don't freak out!  Seeing just this amount of change is fantastic to me, since I went 5 months of running like a fiend seeing ZERO weight loss or toning...The BFL plan is what has begun to change my body, even if subtly, but it has.  I'm looking at this as a snowball effect...the more muscle we build (after we've given our bodies enough time to do this), the more calories we'll burn and fat and so on...just gotta wait till that snowball gets further down the hill!

  • Celebrate the progress you have made and don't worry; the rest will come.  You have a beautiful hourglass shape (I am envious of those curves in the abdomen/waist area).  I took 4-week pictures and saw nothing as far as changes.  I took 6 week pictures and saw very little in the way of change.  By week 8, I saw noticeable changes, but not a lot.  By week 10, I saw very noticeable changes.  The last two weeks is when I saw the most in the way of changes.  Hang in there.  You are doing exactly what you should do and your body will reveal all that hard work in its own time.  Listen to what everyone is saying.  We are often our own worst critics, and don't see what others do.  We do see changes.  Allow yourself to see them too and keep doing what you are doing!!  Hang in there.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"