My Transformation, w/PICS March 20 - June 11

  • You look fab!!

    Can you tell me when you started seeing significant results? Im week 6, day 5 today and seen very little.  If you are like what most women say in terms of loosing right at the end, does it just kinda melt off in one big go??

  • Thank you ALL so much!

    We've been on vacation and I can say it's been SOOO hard to get my "active" part of active rest going! Plus my eating has been one huge FREE day!! Ugh!! I've got to reign it in and get more active other wise I may undo all my hard work!

    @ Spinney  my results were painfully slow, the weight came off 1 lb a week and obviously with only 10 lbs of scale weight lost in 12 weeks some times the scale didn't move!! No miracle weight loss at week 8, 9 or 10.  After week 3 I could see good muscle definition and inches lost all over and some weeks there were even inches gained because of the muscle building!!

    DON'T worry about what the scale says, I'm a scale FREAK, I'll weigh myself after every bathroom break just hoping for some weight to come off but in the end it's all about inches and body fat %!! If it weren't for the fact that I could actually see and measure my progress the scale would have ended my journey!!

    Your over half way there so stick with it you'll be glad you did.

    I know my progress pictures aren't like some of those that are dramatic and aw inspiring but I did make good progress and I learned a lot about working out, balancing my diet and free days!! Everyone's progress is different so don't compare your progress to anyone else, what's important is that you do your best and finish the challenge!! If your not where you would like to be when your at the end of your 12 weeks, take a break (active rest) then start up another challenge! No where in the book does it say after 12 weeks your done and that's as good as it gets!!

    I'll be starting my 2nd challenge about the time you finish up your 12 weeks I hope to see your progress pictures here soon!

  • HI Okieandrews!

    Your results ARE dramatic and aw inspiring!! I need two challenges to get to my goals for sure, so I've always known that at the end of week 12 I'm not going to look like some of those champs we've all seen. But looking at your results, I was like WOOOW! Only ten lbs and she shifted that much!!!

    I'm totally inspired by your words and photos. I'm on Week 6 Day 3 -- only lost 3 lbs so far, but really feeling a lot stronger and lifting waaay heavier than I was six weeks ago...

    Wish me luck!

  • wow great job!!  I'm the same height as you, so it was fun to compare your inches lost to mine.  I love side pics!!  They seem to show the most change.  I know don't you hate that belly and butt that stick out where we don't want it to??