I have grass...

  • (I should probably start by admitting that I killed the grass last year because I kept putting off doing yardwork, then tried to do everything in one day and didn't read the instructions on the fertilizer. ) Before BFL I was all about the quick fix. I tried lots of gimicky diets and I tended to fall in love with an idea and then give up when it got challenging.

    Okay so the grass/ BFL connection is not obvious, but its about TRANSFORMATION. I think I'm getting the whole planning and consistency thing. I'm starting to use the BFL techniques on other areas of my life. As a result I do less work and get better results. About the grass, I set a Goal to fix last year's mistake, planned my actions, did a little bit each day. (Including remembering to move the sprinkler around and do the watering every day -- no excuses).

    C1W8D3 - I'm not seeing big changes on the scale, so far no week 8 "miracle", but I'm firmer, more confident and I see improvement. And that is way better than where I was before I started this thing. I'm gaining confidence. I'm often the only woman in the free weight section of my gym. Some of the boys give me "the nod" now since I'm a regular. It feels great to take control, keep my commitment to myself (when its easy and especially when its difficult) and to see things moving in a positive direction. 

    I am inspired on a daily basis by so much of what I read here. I am deeply grateful to you all!

    Keep on keeping on.


  • Go Irene Go!!! Just have to tell you, your subject thread made me laugh!!!  :)

    You are doing a great job grass and all! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I lol'd. However, you speak the truth and metaphorically show why this isa complete transformation.

  • Irenewoe: I LIKE YOUR GRASS post too. Caught my eye. (Im old school lol - I wish jimmieb were here)

    I think you have had a few miracles if I do say so myself. They are in the confidence, the goal setting, the "watering", the firmness....think about how many little "miracles" have to happen to make lean muscle!

    Whey to kick butt at the gym too mixed in with all the men. Dedication - perserverance.....you are well on your whey to big success my friend GRASS and all.

  • Way to go Irene!!  Isn't it amazing the respect you gain by consistently focusing on what you and you alone are doing?!  Congratulations and may your grass grow and spread to others!!

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