Week 12 but not seeing the results I saw in my 1st challenge two years ago.

  • Hello this is my first time posting here. I am in week 12 and I am still waiting for that 8 week miracle that I experienced when I did this challenge two years ago. For most of the challenge I did 5 meals but I went up to six meals a couple of weeks ago because I use to do six in my first challenge and I was just not seeing results with 5 meals. Going through this challenge now and not really seeing the results makes me really regret letting my results go two years ago. I used a supplement with caffeine and vitamins B's in my first challenge but now I went natural just clean food and protein shakes. This week I am adding an omega three supplement and a vitamin B complex. I am not going to lie my muscles feel firmer and I can see some definition but nothing that is noticeable. In my last challenge strangers approached me all the time after the miraculous week eight. Now it seems like no one notices my results other than my mother. It is so frustrating. I am at the point where I will just keep going just for the health benefits. I am sad but I am not going to quit I don't get sick like I use to and my blood pressure and resting heart rate has gone down. I am just seriously sad and frustrated I even moved my after photo shoot to August because I didn't want to take photos when I still look the same that I did last year. I am just so sad. The only thing that is helping me right now is an article that I read from Jennifer Nicole Lee that said she felt the same and did not see any results until she was in the third month which for me starts this coming Monday. 

  • Giselle, don't be disheartened. We take our bodies through whirlwind lifestyles till they shut down and refused to be "fooled" by us any more. This is the third time i go with BFL. The first time, I lost 20 pounds by week 6. But I had started from a point back then when junk food was on my menu daily and in excess. I hurt my back, quit, came back last year for three weeks, saw no results then "life happened" and I quit. Now, i am in the middle of week three, seeing extremely minuscule results, but whether i see results or not, i will carry on.. because eventually, I will. Be it in 3 months or 6 months, it will happen.

    Besides, what takes longer? Six months of hard work or a lifetime of quitting?

    body responds to habit. Maybe you taxed yourself so much in the first time around, your body needs more oomph this time to get it going.

    Stay with it.. do one more cycle if you have to. Lots of love.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will def never quit as you know once you have done the challenge life is never the same again. I am crossing the abyss right now;-) I think you are right my body knows what is going on now and its not afraid to hold on...I really I think I am an example for people who know what to do, do it and then STOP. There are consequences for everything we do whether good or bad. In my case its just going to take longer...but you are right with consistency something will happen. I just need to patiently wait for payday.

    <3 Giselle

  • Good words of encouragment however, I'm in a similar boat.  I am halfway thru week 12 so technically I am done as well.  I didn't have a lot to lose, pound wise, I lost 7 but I am only 110 pounds.  My problem is flab and lots of it.  What I needed was to lose body fat and tighten up.  I definitely see a difference in my clothes but I'm still not very toned at all.  I will keep up the program - the working out at least, I just wish I saw more visible results.   I have cellulite and flabby thighs, front and back, I was hoping to see that gone and it is still very much there.   I would recommend the program to anyone, just slightly disappointed.  

  • I weighed myself today and I lost six. And I know what you mean I took some pics with my computer and compared to some photos I took a few months ago and I can see a difference everywhere but the front of my abdominals and my bum! I agree with you I have seen some amazing transformations where it looks like people have lost like thirty lbs and looked ripped after 12 weeks. I have never experienced that. Why I don't know I follow all the guidelines and eat whole natural foods. I have done research and I know what clean eating is. I understand all the principles. The trainer at my gym said that it could be a matter of a few more weeks for me, maybe three, maybe four. I am gonna keep going....I know people talk about a two week break but I love going to the gym and I am not going to stop eating every 2-3 hours I am too use to it. I don't feel like I need a break. If I take a break now then I won't get the abs and toned thighs that I have been wanting all my life! Keep going girl...for some reason it may take a little longer for us but WE WILL accomplish our goals and not let this whole 12 week time frame get us down. I feel a little more positive today. I have two choices I can live unhealthy or have my dream body.....I'll take the dream body LOL!!!

  • I will tell you why they had amazing results in only 12 weeks. i went on the live blog of AKMAMA yesterday who went from size 12 to size 2 and is now competing in body building/figure competitions. Her transformation was astounding. Then I found out in her blog that she was already a gym rat (quoting her) and was already in the gym but was eating wrong. So, for her half the work was done anyway because under all that excess fat her muscles and definitions were already hiding. if you see her workout routine, she was exercising to levels others reach only by cycle 2 or even 3. I was in awe of what she was doing.

    The concept of ACTIVE rest is that you still eat every 2-3 hours but feel free to take it easy on the portions or the odd pizza here or there. Go to the gym, but do a light workout just to keep your muscles "greased". Nothing too heavy.

    I have been on this site for a year or more. I have seen many people get injured and ultimately take an arbitrary medical rest for up to eight months because they didn't want to take rest for two weeks.

    By the way, muscles grow and regenerate during rest. My best workouts ever were the ones that followed rest.

    I admire your enthusiasm greatly, but without careful planning the dream will turn into injury. Bill Philips put the active rest concept there for a solid reason. OK. I will not say more on the matter as you already started another forum post about not taking any rest. If I add any more it will classify as stalking LOL

    All the best.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • LOL You reaching out to help me is not stalking I can be very hard headed sometimes and I need to be told a few times. LOL But that is what I think too, there is always more to the story when you see those amazing transformations!

    In the two week think I decided that I will slow the cardio and do light weight lifting, idk about the pizza LOL. Maybe some extra fruit like watermelon and things like that. :-) thanks for reaching out to me and sharing your knowledge:-)

  • I'll share with you what happened to me during my 2 week rest period (Granted... I'm male and we lose weight differently).  At the end of my first challenge, I didn't want to take a full 2 weeks but was thinking maybe 1 week.  Friends of mine who finished C1 with me talked me into just taking 2 weeks just to let the body rest and ultimately I agreed.

    During my 2 week active rest, I ate really clean and did two weeks worth of Kettleworx (kettelbells). However, I only did 20 minute sessions 3 times a week which equates to just 60 minutes a week. I really felt like I wasn't doing anything and felt a little guilty really. In fact, I couldn't wait for the next challenge to start. When the next challenge started for me I weighed and actually lost 7 lbs in that 2 week's worth of  rest.

    I'm into my 7th week of Challenge 2 now. The first 5 weeks of C2 I decided to modify BFL and do more cardio. Well I think that hurt me because in that 5 week period I only lost 3 lbs. In my first challenge I lost 31.5 lbs. when it was all said and done.

    I've decided to just do BFL by the book because I had such great results with C1. The reason I tell you all this is because I honestly believe that there are reasons why BFL works and reasons why sticking to the plan is the best course of action. It works and has worked for so many others.  Take the 2 week rest and let your body recuperate. Also you'll find that challenge 2 will become more of a mental battle because the enthusiasm wears down a bit.  Think of it as no longer dating but actually more of a marriage.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

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  • Thank you for posting this giselle1 and all the great, encouraging replies from everyone!

    I am also on my 12th week (2 days to go) and saw good results but definitely not like many others I've seen on here. I guess my hopes and goals were set pretty high. I thought maybe it was just me, not always reaching my "10's" or slipping on a meal now and then but no matter it is still frustrating. So glad there are others out there struggling with me, not that I'm glad your struggling but I'm glad I'm not the only one a little discouraged by my results. I'm about to go on vacation and I'm glad many of you suggested 2 weeks of rest....is that completely or an average work out every now and then? I was thinking of running 3 x's a week for about 30 min at an average pace, maybe some pushups and situps too, any thoughts?

    Looking forward to challenge 2, I was going to call it quits after this and go back to my regular work out routine and just keep my eating in check but after reading all the replies I think I will keep going with BFL.

  • @Okieandrews - stay active but make it fun for your 2 weeks of active rest! Don't do a lot - let your body rest.  I promise you once you start Challenge 2 it becomes more of a mental challenge because the "shine" has worn off. The dieting and the physical part are habit by now but the staying in the game mentally is a challenge - at least it has been for me. I've stuck to it though.

    What I didn't mention about challenge 2 for me is that while I haven't lost hardly any weight, I have lost inches all across my body. I've lost 2 inches across my chest, 1 inch across my navel, almost 1.75 inches across my hips, and at least an inch off my arms and legs.

    Keep active but not overly active for your 2 week rest.  Remember that this is Body for Life... not Body for 12 weeks....

    If it's going to be... It's got to be me

  • I read in your post that you are seeking external affirmation for your success.  You must first ask why that is so important to you.

    Here are a few things to keep in mind as you move forward.

    1)  Do you feel better?

    2)  Are you making healthier choices?

    3)  Why are you focused on 12 weeks, what if it takes 24 weeks?  One of my favorite t-shirts and my new motto is "There is no finish line".

    4)  Have you taken progress pictures and allowed someone unemotionally involved with you review them?

    5)  Are you willing to change your way of thinking to succeed?

    These are all tough questions that you should reflect on.  To make permanent lasting changes you must resign yourself to the fact that this is hard but so very well woth it in the long run.

    You've got this, if you really want it it's yours for the taking!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • you do realize that if you add another meal, that is added cals to burn right? Im not saying you shouldnt eat 6 times, but if you are frustrated with not losing bf, then adding more cals isnt the trick.