FIrst Day - June 6, 2011

  • OK - talk about stumbling out of the starting blocks!  No picture - no message - hey, no problem!

    Made the gym today - first day - despite having to drive my kid to school unexpectedly.  Worked out hard - stabbing pain right in shoulder joint - not intolerable but consistent when I worked deltoids (and not with a lot of weight) - probably just body protesting the change in routine?

    I'm 6'3" and 54 years old (though people say i dont look any older than 60).  Weight 238 pounds and one of my goals (dreams?) is to dtop 25 pounds of scale weight over the three months.  Waist measured at 41.5 inches and bicep at 15 inches - would love to get waist to 34" eventually and goal is to get that bicep to 16" over course of the three months - yes, I am old fashioned enough that i still think a bigger bicep is great indicator of fitness in man