Help w/ 4 week pics

  • I'm rounding the corner to my 4 week pics.
    Do I post them on or wait until the 12 weeks are up, then post everything?
    Do I do them before or after my free day?
    Is it okay to look grouchy from my total lack of sugar?!?!  :)

    What does/ is everyone else do? 

    Stacy Lynn

  • Actually, now that we have the ability to post the pics here, I would put both your first ones and the 4 week ones on your profile.  Everything is better when done before free day indulgences ;o)

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  • I took 4 week pics but am choosing to keep them to myself until I get to the end of the 12 weeks. It was encouraging to see a difference in my 4 week pics and my first pics.

    I wouldn't take them after a free day. Since my free day is Sunday, I'd do mine on Saturday morning, probably after cardio.

    And go ahead and show that grouchy no-sugar smile!! lol!

  • <cringe>    I guess I'll wait and see the differences. If I love the differences, I'll post them... if not, maybe I will keep them to myself too.

    Stacy Lynn