• So, I am in week 11 and will start week 12 on Monday.  I was wondering if there is anything that I need to do different in the last part of the challenge before I have my pictures taken?  Any type of information will help. 

    Thanks in advance for the support.


  • Congratulations Scott.  I am inspired by your attitude and how I have seen you encourage others.

  • SCOTT!!!  Yay!  Great idea to start this thread, I can use a few pointers as well!

  • Thanks James, and from your post it sounds like you are doing an awesome job.  way to go.

    Rosemary, I was hoping someone might post were I could buy a 6 pack.  lol!!!

  • The only thing I did differently was save my free day for the day after my photos in terms of my routine.

  • Oh and congrats on getting this far!  Feels good doesn't it?

  • Stop taking Betagen or creatine about 10 days before photos. It really does help remove the bloat. I removed the starchy carbs from all but one meal in the last week. I had fruit for my carb. I guzzled more than usual water 2-3 days before photos. The day before the photo I reduced my water intake to about 8 cups. Tan. Shave. Buy Pam. Practice posing in the mirror. I removed all bread in the last 10 days.

    Random thoughts jotted down. :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Yes, practice posing..excellent advice.  It looks easy but it's not - especially focus on the dynamic of being able to make your legs look good as well as your torso.


    also, as another guy, make sure you shave your body hair at least 3-4 days in advance mate.  You don't to have knicks and scratches so fresh they show up. 

    Also, if you haven't begun the process of tanning, spray tan, that's what I did.

  • Hooray, Scott!!!

    We're so proud of you!!! Can't wait to see those pics!!

    My advice for the pictures- SMILE!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • Scott, make sure you continue your workouts with the same intensity that you started.  If you do the things that Renee mentioned and keep your intensity levels up, you will notice a difference in those last few days.  Congratulations on coming to the end!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Yay Scott!!  I'm right there with ya buddy!!!  I'm taking pictures on Sunday, I'm tanning and buying some pam!!!   We did it!!!!  This is the begining of our new wonderful, healthy and fit lifestyle!  

  • This is so cool!!!

    Thanks for the idea's.

    I am only C2D9, but, this really helps me visualize my completion - which I am keeping in front of me at all times.

    If you do a second challenge, what will be your goals?

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • Great job, congrats Scott, and I have been drinking 4L of water a day as you suggested!

    Tisha :-) “Running won't kill you, you'll pass out first!"

  • Thank you everyone.  this is great advice!!!!  I really really really thank you all.

  • Scott, I cannot wait to see your 12 week pics!  You are looking great!  Julie (in VA)