My 84-day-journey - challenge 1 complete

  • Great work! Which way to the gun show? lol- your arms are rockin'

  • Way to go!  You look fantastic!

  • You look fantastic!  Congratulations & keep on going!

  • You look so amazing!!! You are an inspiration!  I am 43 and ready to be healthy, in my 6th week.  I would be interested to hear if your ex had anything to say since your transformation ;)   You look just beautiful!  Thanks for the post

  • You look great....well done!! A big difference in 12 weeks. Keep it up!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your amazing transformation--it's very inspiring and reminds me to keep going, especially when I feel like I don't want to anymore simply because I have not yet seen any of the results I was hoping to see.  I am on Day 46 today and at times still feel like if any of this is working you know.  Thanks for your courage and willingness to share to people like me.  

    I hope to see you keep posting when you start your 2nd challenge to let us know how you're doing.

  • I LOVE the swagger in your after photos!!!  Amazing job, you deserve every bit of positive feedback!!!



  • Sometimes it's the crap that makes you realize what kind of strength you have deep down inside.  

    Love that!

    As a fellow mom I applaud you for your planning, strategizing, consistency and hard work!  Your transformation is obviously an inspiration but so are your candid words.  Thank you for sharing.  I just got my groove back.