Work Out issue.....

  • I normally wake up at around 6:30 and have just enough time to work out before I hit the shower and run to work. Tomorrow, though, My husband needs to drop me off an hour earlier (and I am NOT a morning person).

    Should I suck it up, get up an hour earlier and do my cardio, or should I wait until I come home and do it at night??

    Stacy Lynn

  • I vote for the suck it up team.

    I bet that 2 minutes into that workout you are going to hear all our morning voices and you will be so dang inspired. Your day will start off with a bang and it will all be good.

    It's one day.

    Success is made one day, one workout, one more rep at a time......(thanks for that MO)

  • Do it ONE HOUR EARLIER! You will be SO PROUD of yourself once it's accomplished! I didn't use to get up so early but I forced myself so that I could get my workouts done before the children got up and now I TOTALLY LOVE THAT TIME to myself, where I can be leisurely at the gym. Once my workout is done, I head to the sauna where i relax and plan my meals and day and sometimes chat with another woman or two who comes in. I totally love this part of my day. Then, I head home for my shower and stretching and to catch up on this message board. TOTALLY LOVE this schedule! Try it... you just might love it over time, too!