Ladies... Opinions please

  • Okay so I am on week 8 Day 2. Everything has been going slow but good so far. I haven;t dropped a size or anything but my current pants are lose on me. Then I got my period yesterday and my pants are so freakin tight i can barely button them! I know that weight gain is normal during that time but last month I didn't notice any difference at all. It will go away right...?

  • Yes, no doubt.  Did you have a free day on Sunday?  You could still have access bloating from Sunday coupled with period bloat, and there is your answer.  Sodium intake higher these past couple of days?  Notice your rings are much tighter on your fingers?

    If so, temporary bloat.

  • I had the SAME fears a week ago. I drank water like a champ and about 3 days later, I was back to normal. No sweat.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi,


    I am so glad someone else is in the same boat. I am on C1W2D2. Before I started the challenge I cleaned up my eating and had been going to the gym 

    for about 4 weeks. I have already lost about 12 pounds then mother nature stuck and just like that 2 1/2 pounds were back. I am sure it will be gone

    in a day or two and I just keep telling myself baby steps. I know I am in this for the long haul as I will more than likely have to complete three challenges 

    to be where I want to be.



  • I've done 5 challenges and that time has gotten me every single challenge.  It will go away. Hang in there.  It can really bring you down so stay on track with eating and working out.  Once it's over you'll see everything is okay. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Yes it will go away just keep on truckin'.  Actually eating clean and drinking lots of water minimzes gains made at this time because it is just bloat.  So often in the past we indulged in whatever food porn was our food of choice during this time of month and it wasn't fruit and vegetables and that would/could create even more problems.  

  • Be extra careful though- I have noticed that I have HORRID cravings around the time of the month- it is also the weakest point, when I have more difficulty passing food by.  Make sure to drink alot of water and fill up on healthy foods so temptation will pass you by.

    One foot in front of the other!

    Stacy Lynn

  • I like to have a casual day... That day where you intentionally try to look cute in sweats and a ponytail ....It is normal to bloat. Try chinese on cheat day.  then water weight from "time" haha. Just eat right and dont even think about it... Just say ok in 2 days It will bve fine. It is a fun thing we all go through it.. Freaky scary though I feel like anything youve accomplished has disappeared in a day...Youll be good....


  • I just went thru this.  Not only were my pants tight but I gained 1 1/2 lbs back.   A few days later and I dropped the weight and the bloat is gone.  It's temporary.  One thing I noticed is my normal "that time of the month" cravings for salt and sweets were not there.  That was nice!

  • Yea, this is definately nothing to worry about dear. Just the usual bloat. It sucks though doesn't it! Try to stay away from salts and sugars as much as possible especially during that time of the month. Drink plenty of fluids so you don't retain as much water and lay off the cafeine(if you drink it that is).