Starting Today (even though it's Tuesday)

  • I did BFL exactly 10 years ago this month when I was 27 years old and saw tremendous results.  Now here I am 10 years later and over 40 pounds heavier.  I have tried everything, including starting and stopping BFL dozens of times.  This time, I'm determined to make it all the way.  Day 84 will be July 4th and I can't think of a better way to celebrate being free--free from feeling fat, miserable, avoiding all cameras, and buying larger and larger clothes.  

    I'm a little nervous because I realize my metabolism is not what it was at 27 and it may take a little longer this time to see the results I want but I'm going to do it and stick with it for the full 84 days.

    These forums are incredibly motivating and supportive so I plan to check in often. 


  • GADawg, congrats!

    I did the challenge all the way through last year and had some great results as well. I tried to do it again in Feb but fell off the bandwagon for about three weeks. Anyway, I'm starting again, as of yesterday (monday) and I would love to get through it w/ you!


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • hey GAdawg I'm starting today as well!!!Thought starting on Monday was too much pressure. My wedding is July 2 so I hope to be pretty much at my goal by then...

  • Good!  We can do this.  I'm doing LBWO today and cardio in the morning.  Let's keep each other accountable.  I need it desperately.

  • Of course! A little nervous about the gym tonight but excited! Have you tried any of recipes on here?

  • I haven't tried any yet.  Was looking for some recipes that incorporate rotisserie chicken...particularly a chicken burrito/enchilada recipe.

  • Trex, congrats!

    As far as the recipes go, I've tried all of the vegetarian ones and a few of the fish ones. They generally don't end up as good as my own creations. Do ya'll have the book? As long as you follow the guidlines and get the correct carbs and protien, the possibilities are endless!

    GADawg, try roisserie chicken in a med. whole wheat tortilla (or two small ones) with some salsa, onions, bell peppers, etc. Just be careful of oil/fat content!

    If you haven't read the book, do so ASAP! It's almost impossible and considerably more difficult if you haven't...


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • You took a step in the right direction!  I started last Wednesday! Yes the middle of the week, crazy! Good luck and behind you all the way!

    *Anna Banana*

  • Thanks Katie and Anna. I did read the book, cover to cover. Seems like he talked mainly about portion size (fist, palm) with a very limited list of authorized foods?? My questions are with the grey areas Hummus, which I LOVE and chicken curry....things of the sort. Are all sauces bad..and what about soups? In a more positive note, I survived my first day at the gym surrounded by a lot of men, the smell was awesome LOL currently looking for an all girls gym. Somehow I think my fiancee' will be okay with this expense. GADwag how did you fair??

  • Hey T-Rex---I did pretty well.  I actually worked out at my condo gym which was nice.  I managed to squeeze in a lower body workout and then met a friend for dinner to celebrate her new job.  Did pretty well at dinner.  No bread and no dessert.  Had salad and two glasses of red wine.  Better than I would do otherwise.  

    I got up and did the 20 minute run this morning.  Brutal.  I'm so out of shape it's ridiculous.  I can't believe I managed to do a half marathon this time last year.  I couldn't do that right now if my life depended on it.  My eating so far today has been good too.  Just trying to take it one day at a time.  

    Also--as for hummus, I eat it with veggies.  I try to portion it out so that I'm not eating too much of it though.

  • I think hummus counts as a protein and a carb. Watch out for the fat content, though. Usually w/ beans you have to eat at least 1/2 cup, and hummus can be very fattening b/c it's made with a lot of oil. I don't see why there would be a problem with chicken curry- it just depends on how it's made. Baked or sauteed should not be a problem- again, just watch the oil/fat content.

    The list seems short and I must admit I don't follow it perfectly. I eat a plain Greek yogurt almost every day, Boca veggie burgers, and a chocolate protein bar for "dessert" before I go to bed-none of these are on the list. I make up a lot of my own recipes, b/c I'm a vegetarian, I just pay special attention to the fat, protein, carb, and salt content.

    There is a longer list of "approved" foods on the website under "Nutrition." Check it out.


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • GADawg- you could have had a piece of grilled chicken and a baked potato or rice AND a plain salad. I don't think the wine is BFL-friendly but at least you're improving!

    Don't think that you have to eat salads and veggies only to get through the diet. Be creative! Spices are the key to flavor. I also use salsa, a little olive oil, Smartbalance light butter and garlic, marinara sauce, etc.


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Yes, I know but we were at a nice restaurant that has really awesome salads (and that are good for you too).  The wine part is going to be hard for me.  

    I went to the grocery store and got some good stuff to mix it up some.  Thankfully I am kind of a creature of habit.  The only meal that's really going to be hard for me is dinner.  I just have to make sure I get variety.

  • I understand GAdawg it's hard to say no to the wine when your having a good meal. I been buying things pieces at a time so far this friday is the big grocery shopping trip..I've been doing pretty good with my meals. My husband to be thought it would be sweet to have a date night after our pre-marriage counseling last night at Olive garden, one of my favorite places. It was very hard to stick to my diet, I even got the steak with asparagus and potatoes which I thought would be fine, it had some sort of cheese and but crust on top of the steak, my stomache has never been so upset, it's only been three days...(yikes!) never doing that again. My arms are still feeling the burn from my upperbody the first day, looking forward to the lower body work out! Stay pumped GADawg!

  • You can do it, no problem.   I'm into my 7th month....sounds familiar....I did BFL 10 years ago  (I'm 45 years old) with good results but was not as committed as I am now.  My results are much, much better this time because I stick to the program - 100%.  Have lost 50.5 lbs. thus far and BF% down from 25%+ to 12-13%.  Waist size down from 40 to 32.   I would highly recommend a second challenge as I am still seeing really cool changes/results.