April's journey 84 days before and after pic's

  • Before: Jan 16th, 2011


    After: April 11th,2011

  • Absolutely FABULOUS results!!!!  You should be so very proud of yourself.  Congratulations!

    Your smiles says it  ALL!!!!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Congratulations on your transformation.  You made fantastic progress...the hard work paid off

    One Life, Live Accordingly

  • You did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G  job finition!!!!  I ADORE your After smile; you look so cute!!!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done!!!!!!!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • O my goodness!! Amazing results!! congratulations to you Finition!!!! woohoooo!!

  • Thank you everyone! Next step is a 5km night run...I love Body for Life...as the 12 weeks was coming to an end it became clearer and clearer to me what my new life style was going to look like. Doing this challenge  really made me push myself mentally and physically...more so than I thought I was capable of. Now I look forward to the rest of life. I get it! BODY FOR LIFE! It doesn't end at day 84 it's just the start of the new me!

  • Beautiful!  Congratulations!

  • @Nancyjod..I see you started your challenge a little while ago...way to go! How's everything going? Thank  you for the congrats~! Just wait till you get there!

  • @island dude. Thanks! IT was a total WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @BFLSUE...Many thanks. It is your,and every other person on here who helped me through the tough days. I would take a look at your photo(and others) and know that in 12 weeks I too could be there if I just focused and followed the grid! So THANK YOU!

  • @everydaycounts: you know it hard work..it doesn't come for free, but it sure does give you freedom when you get there!

  • Thank you Lady Georgia! I can't shake this smile! :)

  • Well Done!!!!!

    I love your smile in your after picture, it tells the whole tale!

  • Congrats, you look amazing! I hope I get results that good in May! :)

  • Wow Fantastic results.  You should be very proud of this accomplishment. (It shows in your smile as well)