• I did CrossFit and was not a fan.  Yes, the workouts are tough, but I use the time also as a period to wind down.  You can go through most CrossFit workouts in 11-15 minutes.

    The P90x is probably more of what you're looking to do. I have two roommates doing it right now.  Just so you know, the diet is just as integral in BFL, as it is in P90x.

    All of my friends that tried the P90x, say that the "Insanity" workouts, which follows the same idea, is like the P90x on speed.  Just something to consider.

  • And I disagree with the above for the following reason: P90X workouts are each minimum 1 hour. That is a long workout session.

    I am doing crossfit like workouts now too and LOVING them. The time of each routine varies and you can make them longer or shorter. The idea of keeping them short though is you should be going at such a high intensity during the session that 15 minutes or so is the max you will be able to do. The benefits of the crossfit style workouts are in the afterburn primarily. You are putting your body in a state of "turbulance" therefore expending more energy after during recovery.

    Just a thought....

  • How about adjusting your food.  You say you are burned out on cottage cheese.  Go to cook books, look online for recipes, ideas, ways to cook foods, and then prepare them bfl way with bfl ingredients.  It sounds like you got your self in a rut with the eating, so get your self out of it.  You don't have to quit you have to find a way to make this a lifestyle instead of an obsessive pursuit.

    And that goes for bfl or any program or any item you persue in life.  

  • Gook Luck to you Hasam,  I have done both WW and BFL and I have found for me BFL works better for losing weight, however WW is a good balanced program that gives you a little more freedom and might be better for maintainence.  thanks for staying on to encourage the rest of us in our weight loss/fitness goals.   jill

  • I'm a newbie at Body for Life, but it sounds to me like you should complete your 12 weeks to prove to yourself that you can overcome this obstacle. I agree with the idea of checking cookbooks for different receipes. Sounds to me like your quiting someting successful! Why not alternate a few choices and finish to become a grand champion. You don't know who is watching you, that you don't see, that has made you their "role model", by quitting you may letting someone else down that your not aware of.

    I am learning to use the internet, but I have been incourage by the comments that I can read here on BFL even if I couldn't respond till today. I am a little distressed that you want to quit with only 4 weeks left to be a Champion!! For those that are watching you can you continue to progress forward to the finish line. There are crowds of people watching you!!! Can you here us cheerring you over the Finish Line!! I would like to see you make it please keep pressing forward, I may need your encouragement later and you should be there. So will others. Sometimes it's these obstacles that causes us to overcome and become better, stronger, wiser, healthier People - Examples to those who watch us and we don't see.  I hope you will strongly reconsider and run to the Finish Line. Champions strive to do above and beyond the norm. I challenge you to prove to yourself and us that you can/will overcome this obstacle and continue till you step across the Finish Line. See You There!

  • Sorry, I didnt' go back & read.....did you say this was your 2nd challenge??  I just started my 3rd challenge, and my husband just asked me, "why are you doing another challenge, you look great & you already know what/how to eat right and how you should be working out, so just do that & keep working out and you'll be fine", but for ME, it's a mind thing.  Yes, it is supposed to be for life, NOT just for 12 or 24 weeks, or in my case 36, ha!!  But I'm better if I have a goal, or an ending date in mind.  Do I want to go back to eating sweets during the week, and drinking a glass of wine every night to wind down, or eat junk when I feel like eating junk?  NO, NOT REALLY!!!  I feel much better knowing that I'm not "supposed to cheat", and I feel like I can push myself 100% for 12 more weeks, to see the end result.  I haven't been completely satisfied w/my results YET!  

    Good luck to you in whatever you decide!  Tonya

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • Hasam,

    While the title of your post certainly caught everyone's attention, I would have to say, you really aren't quitting...unless you go back to an unhealthy lifestyle of poor nutrition and inactivity. There are more ways to maintain a fit lifestyle then simply doing one BFL challenge after another to infinity. If you acheived your goals. Congrats! Have fun making new health and fitness goals! BFL is a great program, but one formal challenge after another, after another, etc. is not the only way to stay fit. BFL gives people the tools and enough time to turn healthy choices into habits. However, not every fitness goal will be achieved with BFL. Marathon training for example requires more than three 20 minute HIT cardio sessions and a higher ratio of carbs than BFL suggests in order to be succesful. So, it is really all about what your goals are. So, enjoy the new healthier you as you set new goals and pursue them!  

  • OK So I swear I quit, but something funny has happened... I still do the work outs, it's like i can't stop LOL... the eating hasn't really changed, I'm still doing snack but I changed to fruits instead of proteins and my other meals are still the same, for breakfast I went back to real eggs instead of egg beaters... but I swear It's like you can't stop LOL..

  • I'm confused... BFL doesn't have "snacks".  You mean then I assume meals 2,4 and 6?  Fruit is high in sugar.  Why not add a protein in there?  There's also no reason you couldn't have real eggs instead of egg beaters.  Egg beaters are full of preservatives and sodium. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • OK I STILL CAN'T QUIT!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm truly living body for life. Ever since I quit I still do upper body and cardio every other day! I still have Saturday as my cheat day where I eat whatever... the only thing I've done is add more fruit, so I been doing 1 banana as one of my snacks AND my other snack lately is a bag of pretzels (160 cal)... WELL Something must be working since I'M down to 180 as of this morning! I've never been 180...

    Why can't I quit???? I even tried to eat fast food but on the way there ended up a deli eating a turkey sandwich on weath with no mayo and unsweeted iced tea...

  • The scale is not how you determine if it's working.  What was your body fat % before and what is it now?  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • My suggestion is finish the 12 weeks.  It's better for your self-image to be a finisher than a quitter.... even if you are happy with the results so far.  If your happy with the results, why not experiment with 5 small meals, of any type of food you like?

    Its your body and your program.  Be creative.

    Good luck!

  • Well I already lost track of what week I'm on... the nice thing is that Body for Life taught me so many good things, I still work out and plan ahead to to do it, I stick to the BFL work outs. I still do my cardio 3 days per week and if bad meals come my way I eat in moderation and move on, I do things like unsweented ice tea over a coke and avoid the bad fats like fried foods and cakes etc.

    Well I'm so happy to be living for life!

    Thanks BFL and Bill!

  • You seem to celebrate the idea of not being on the program, which is your right, but why do it here?  You are not on BFL.  You say it's because it causes you to get obsessed, but in reality, you just don't want to put in the effort.  That's actually okay.  It's up to you completely.  Just be honest with others and yourself. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!