First Challenge 3-01-2011 to 27-03-2011 Before & After Pics

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    Hey All,

    Well after years of having the book, I finally decided to do it - and you know what. I dont know why I didint do it earlier, the challenge and new eating habits were'nt nearly as intimidating as I thought. Dont get me wrong, it 'stough at times but if you really want the change, you to can do it. For me the decision was on the 22nd Dec 2010 walking past the bedroom mirror and seeing how out of shape I had got. I'm not sure why it got to me on this day (I had seen it many times before), but it just did and I had had enough. I was ashamed of who I saw in in the mirror. 

    I completed all 84 days (missed 2 cardio's), took my free days and enjoyed them and on the non free days kept as best I could to the 6 meals a day and healthy portion meals. There was the odd occasional meal where I got caught out (5 meals) where I didnt eat correctly, but its not what you eat all the time, but what you eat most of the time that makes a difference.

    I think out of the 84 days, I hit my 10's very few times, but whats more important to me, was that I was in the gym 6 days a week, and ate more healthily. I just missed my goals, but while I am not entirely happy with my body, I am certainly no longer ashamed.

    I am beginning a second challenge on Mon 4-04-2011, and thereafter will adjust the programme to make it a more sustainable lifestyle for myself.

    I thought I would jot down a few points below.


    In the BFL success journal on all of the 84 days, a previous champion is featured together with their overall results. The average of all males between 25-45 is as follows:
    Fat loss –  27,2lbs (12,3kg)     
    Body Fat % loss – 12,75%    
    Muscle Increase – 13,4lbs (6kg)   

    My figures - figures in brackets are pounds
    Scale weight                Before 99.8kg (219)                 After 90.9kg (199)           Total Scale weight loss 8.9kg (19.5)
    Body Fat Mass            Before  29.54 (65)                      After 19.18kg (42)        Gain 10.36kg (23)
    Body Fat %                   Before   29.6%                           After  21.1%            Body Fat % Loss of 8.5%
    Muscle Weight (LM)   Before 70.26kg (154)                After  71.72kg (157)         Muscle Increase 1.46kg (3.2)

    Original Goals
     Body fat % - between 15 and 20%
     Loose 10 to 15kg of fat (22 to 33)
    Gain 5kg of Muscle (11)

     Turning Point (decision to change) - 22 Dec 2010 (view in upstairs mirror )
     Start Date – 3 Jan 2011 (missed weight training session due to Bank Holiday – but caught up that weekend. 
     Completion Date – 27 Mar 2011
     Worst Week – Week 8 (tired, loss of motivation) – ????????????????
     Best Week – Week 1, 2 and 10, 12.
     Easiest Week – Week 10.
     Highlights – Sat 15-01-2011 (Friends Bday Party - not drinking alcohol) and Fri 14-01-2011 (early train to WGC for work meeting and woke up extra early to do my session, where in years before I would have used that as an excuse not to go)
     Last day of Alcohol prior to celebratory beer on 27-03-2011 – 18th Dec 2010. 

     Aerobic Sessions according to programme – 36  Aerobic Sessions missed - 2 (Sat 8th & 15th Jan 2011)
     Upper Body Sessions according to programme – 18   Upper Body Sessions missed - Nil
     Lower Body Sessions according to programme – 18   Lower Body Sessions missed - Nil
     Favorite UB Exercise – Decline Bench Press & Dumbell Flys
     Favorite LB Exercise – Leg Press & Decline sit ups
     Favorite Aerobic exercise – Spinning / cycle
     Additional Exercise – Basketball – 1 hr x 6 nights
     Upper Body Session according to programme – 46min  No of times achieved – nil (shortest session was 48min)
     Lower Body Session according to programme – 42min  No of times achieved – 18 (shortest session was 39min) 

    Eating for Life
     Free Day – Sunday – favorite Meal – roast dinner
     Free Days allowed 12 – (if considered full free days – all 6 meals then how many missed) - NIL
     Free Meals allowed 72 (6 meals x 12 days) – Free meals taken – 48 (4 meals on average) x 12 days
     Eating Plan days missed (full days) – nil
     Eating Plan Meals missed, excluding Free Days (Not full days – just the occasional meal).
     5 days (Friends Bday 15th Jan 2011, Dinner at Friends on 29th Jan 2011, ‘unexpected’ Breakfast at London Mayors debate at Dorchester hotel, Pizza Dinner on 12 Feb 2011 & Desert on 14th Feb 2011 (Valentines). 
     Cravings - none
     Helpful Tip – Its not what you eat all the time, but what you eat ‘most’ of the time.

     Myoplex meal Replacement shakes & bars – week 1 to 12
     Whey Protein Shake – week 1 to 12

     Saved Money Every lunchtime as I took lunch from home (Approx. 5 days x 12 weeks x £3.50 = £210).
     Gym Fees - £108pcm x 3 months = £324

    Anyway, good luck to those of you about to give it a go - aim for consistancy, and you wont be disappointed. 

  • Great results!  Congrats!

    runninggrl :)

  • hotsouace,  you should be so damn proud.   What a fantastic job!!  You look great.   I see the change of course in your stomach, but in your shoulders and arms and face.  Love the smile too.  

  • Definately a significant improvement and it shows in your results!!  Hard work and diet pay off!

  • AWESOME  WORK hot sauce!!!!!  You made an excellent transformation and WOW - 19.5 pounds is super and you shaved off lots of fat!  I love that you figured out how much money you saved  by taking your lunch, lol.  Isn't that the truth!


    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • WOW YOU GOT RID OF THE BELLY!!! Great job!!!! that's the most unattractive thing for men the belly LOL

  • Great job.  You should be very proud of your results.  Best wishes to you during your second challenge.  I am sure you will exceed all the goals you set for yourself!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"