My first challenge with pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thank you thank you!  I just take a multivitamin, some fish oil sometimes and lysine for my immune system.  I was a pole fitness instructor until October of last year when I completely screwed up my shoulder.  I was also an avid bikram yoga student.  So once I got hurt and could not do those things that I was so passionate about I was devastated. I tried to get into some cardio (just to do something) and awakened some achilles tendonitis from an overuse injury years before.  So really, there was no working out going on for about the first 2 months.  It drove me absolutely bonkers for a while.  But I took solace in the fact that I can be healthy with my diet and look even better than I did when I was working out like a fiend.  The diet helped me uncover those muscles that I already had.  Though I am sure that I lost pounds of muscle mass too.  I still cannot use my shoulder - no upper body work whatsoever and those muscles have just withered away!  I can't wait to get it fixed!  Hang in there runninggrl.  I sincerely feel your pain. You can do so much with diet alone though.

  • wow just by the diet? Nice work you should be a model

  • This is such an inspiration!  Your transformation is remarkable.  I have an old back injury and a recent foot injury, so working out is limited for me, as well.  This is my first challenge, day 5, and I have considerably farther to go than you did, but at least I know it is possible with primarily diet!  Thank you for your story, and for sharing what this lifestyle can do.  I am looking forward to what this program can accomplish for my family, as well!  Well done:)


  • Hi everyone, Just wanted to post an update.

    I had surgery on my shoulder on 4/22.  I have 6 weeks in a sling (2 weeks from today I'm done with the sling :).  THen 6 weeks of PT... then I can slowly return to activities using my shoulder.  I thought that I was limited before surgery (activity wise)- well now it is a whole new level of inactivity!  I don't even want to walk my dogs because the sling pulls on my neck so I have been a major slug.  

    Sticking to a diet plan when you are on pain medication... well that is damn near impossible!  Good news though:I barely take the pain meds now.  I have experienced some weight drift (4 lb to be exact). If I had kept on my diet plan I don't think I would've gained anything but I did take a couple of weeks off.   Anyway, I'm aware of the drift and am trying  to maintain and keep the drifting to a minimum so I can kick some butt once I'm out of this sling.  I'm really looking forward to going for some nice long power walks and jogs in a couple of weeks.  I went back to planning my meals and have not been doing as well as I was originally but I am determined to get back on track and reach new levels of fitness in the near future.  Happy Friday everyone!


  • Congrats! You look great! Hope your shoulder heals nicely and your achilles stops acting up.

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  • WOW great transformation without the cardio/lifting - that is quite amazing.  quick question: did you still use your free day even though you weren't weightlifiting/cardio?  and if so, what was your typical free day like with your food?  thanks in advance!

  • I broke my ankle and am still recovering, thanks to you I will not lose hope in this challenge.

  • For the first month I don't think I did use a free day.  I may have had a free meal, but I don't think I did a full day because I was scared I wouldn't loose any due to limited activity.  

    Sometimes I would do a "free 24 hour period" where I would have 2 dinners out / dinner and breakfast out or something like that but I'd eat BfL in between.  So it was basically a couple of free meals.

    I think the days that I took a real, full, free day I could count on one hand.  By full free day I mean eating an excess of 2,000 calories (whereas the other days I was eating 1400 or less).  A couple of days throughout the 12 week challenge I bet I consumed 3500 cal.  I remember one in particular- cupcakes, spinach dip, beer bread (yes, bread, made of beer!), and some mixed drinks.  

    I generally did not use my free day to its full extent.