1st 12 week challenge complete

  • Finished my 1st complete 12 week challenge on Saturday and have seen fantastic results. I started receiving comments from people after week 8/9 and have had to buy new clothes!

    I lost 16lb in weight, my bodyfat went from 26.5% to 19.7% and have gone from size 38 inch waist to 34 inch although i'm not far off a 32!! So 5 inches got from my waist, I now have a flatish tummy, i'm hoping my abs will appear during challenge 2 which i've started today.

    Body for Life is a fantastic program and really does work, thanks Bill for a fantastic program,


  • Congratulations! Those are awesome stats! I just started week 8 today so I am hoping to have the same results! I took measurements at the beginning and cab't wait to see the changes.

    Why are you not doing 2 weeks of AR?

  • Yea, CyanideFury, that's what I was wondering.  To the OP, you may want to look into a couple of weeks of active rest and not hop  right back into a 2nd challenge.   Eat clean, do light exercise for a couple of weeks to keep you limber and in practice, but dont push nearly as hard as normal exercising.  Your body should take a couple of weeks off to recover from the intense last 12 weeks!!

  • Congratulations on your results!!!  Those are great stats.  But I too agree you need the active rest.  Then come back super strong in 2 weeks.  Congrats again!