what's wrong with my diet?

  • I went from 220 lbs to 150 lbs.  Diet and exercise.  Trying to lose the last ten.  My body weight is at 24% fat!

    Any way, I suspect my diet is deficient; what do you think:


    6 a.m.  Egg white omelet with turkey sausage sprinkles;

    8 a.m.  Myloplex Bar

    12 noon:  Chicken pita sandwich, no sauce or cheese;

    3 p.m.  One container of cottage cheese;  Protein drink;

    5 p.m. Family dinner.  Chicken with vegetables.

    9 p.m.  Myloplex Bar.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Charles Euripides 


  • You seem to be missing carbs in most meals. I know it's all the rage, but BFL is not a low carb diet. You need the carbs for energy for the workouts. Just the right ones.

    Brown rice, sweet potaotes etc or porridge for breaky. Something I do in the evenings instead of having a starchy carb for my 5th and 6th meal, I get my carbs from low glycemic fruits, like berries,apples,cantalope etc.

  • Yeah, I noticed the same thing... You are missing carbs in 3 of your meals.

  • I wish I was having the same problem you are ;)

    However, I'd personally cut out the turkey sausage and the myoplex bars. The sausage is processed, and the bars have corn syrup. If you want to lose that last 10 lbs. you are going to want to eat as clean as possible.

  • What about a small serving of a healthy fat?  I didn't see any good fat in there either . . . just a thought!  Best of luck!

  • For some reason I feel like I responded to something like this but I will put in my 2 cents anyway


    6 a.m.  Egg white omelet with turkey sausage sprinkles;

    how many egg whites? Make sure you are getting at least 20g protein per meal, and where is the good carb? oats, sweet potato?

    8 a.m.  Myloplex Bar

    bars are loaded with sugar so maybe swap this out for whole food or a protein shake with a fruit or a shake that has  carbs and protein

    12 noon:  Chicken pita sandwich, no sauce or cheese;

    again, make sure the piece of chicken meets your protein requirements. What kind of pita? whole wheat? ezekial? probably better to have brown rice, quinoa or a sweet potao with this. Add in veggies too!

    3 p.m.  One container of cottage cheese;  Protein drink;

    what is the size of one container? don't need the protein drink here too. need a carb source like a fruit

    5 p.m. Family dinner.  Chicken with vegetables.

    again what is the quantity of chicken, can have a good carb here too and where are the good fats such as olive oil etc?

    9 p.m.  Myloplex Bar.

    See my comment above on the bars...maybe some greek yogurt here with veggies or a protein shake


    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks!!  This is great.  I have chucked the protein bars.  Can anyone tell me how they manage a protein shake at work...do you use a prepackaged protein drink, or mix your own on the work site?

    Thanks...great food for thought.  I have gotten rid of the sausage, bars, pita bread and other problem foods.

  • I mix mine with a handheld blender and keep it in a thermos.  If made at 6:00 am, is good until 10 am.  For the afternoon, I mix in the morning and just store in the fridge at work.  I think it still taste fine both times.