End of WEEK TWO, lets compare notes, share your wisdom!

  • I took my stats today, which marks the first day of week three for me. I am down 1% body fat, and up .7 scale pounds (That is 7/10, not 7 pounds). Someone tell me, is this typical? Am I on the right track?

    BFL has made me feel so great so far, has raised my energy so high, that I'm good with these results. For the first time in my life I am COMPLETELY trusting the process! I don't go to bed at night concerened with my body or whats in it, because I KNOW I made good choices. But I'm after huge results, so I want to make sure that those of you that ended up with great changes on the outside experienced similar progress.

    Have a SUPER day everyone!

  • Alison, yes wt. gain in first 3 wks is typical. There is a BFLMike blog on that somewhere, I just don't have the files...if you go to mikeharris.org you can find all kinds of useful blogs and information from him!

    One of my favorites is the Ladies Success Document-print that out and read and re-read it for extra encouragement when you think this program isn't working!

    Congrats on your two weeks-we are on the same day (C2 for me). Keep on Keeping On! The end results will definitely be worth it! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • What a great attitude for this process.  I have conditioned myself to want change everyday, one of my lessons of letting go involves me asking myself the question "Do I feel better than I did on March 19th when I started?"  Everyday the answer to that question is YES.  I will check my weight periodically for feedback to myself and motivation, those tools work for me and might not work for others.  For me the satisfaction of knowing that I am putting good fuel into my body and I am moving these bones and muscles is a great reward.

    Congratulations on your decision to treat yourself to better health and fitness.






  • Huge results are not always going to be reflected by the scale.  In fact the scale can be the greatest detriment to some people.  I recommend that you "do the pants test".  Get you some pants that you know don't fit and use them weekly to measure your progress.  Also make sure you are taking measurements of your arm, chest, belly, hips and thighs.   This program works so stick with it.

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