Results - After 6 weeks of BFL!

  • Took measurements on Saturday after 6 weeks of BFL and I'm down to 14% body fat now! I am super pumped!!! Started at 168 lbs and just under 24%.  Now at 154 lbs and 14%.  I do seem to be building muscle slower than I want though. I know I'm getting great workouts with every weight training session because I'm always sore within 2 days after my workout, but the tape measure isn't showing the gains I'm wanting. Wondering if it's easier for me to lose fat than to build muscle?? I try to eat my weight in protein everyday (155 g), but my muscle measurements haven't really gone up in the 6 weeks.

    Anything I should tweek?

    But I'm totally siked about losing 10% body fat! Only have 4% to go to reach my body fat goal!!! BFL rocks!


  • Are you lifting heavier each week or staying in the same weight lifted range?

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  • Yea, I just went back and looked through my journal and I have increased weights since I started. For instance, when I started, I was working out with (2) 25lb dumbells for incline bench press. Now I'm using (2) 30 lb dumbells. By the time I get to my last set, I'm barely able to push out the 11th and 12th rep so I don't think I'm ready to increase the weight yet. But maybe I'm going at it the wrong way??

    I will say I found it really hard to do the 12, 10, 8, 6, and 12 rep sets that BFL suggests. I always felt rushed to try to get more weights added for my next set and then trying to figure out how much weight to use on my final set when you're supposed to go back up to 12 reps. It just semed like my workouts were hectic when I tried it like that. So I've been doing 3 sets of 12 reps...just the traditional routine. 

    I'll take any suggestions!! lol!