I'm just exhausted! What should I do?

  • MyDecade, How are you feeling?  Did you get rested?  Just wondering how you were doing.  Hope all is well.

  • Hi firesong,

    I rested for four days. Today I did HIIT again but about an hour later I was exhausted again... I'm frustrated and scared. I will have to lower the intensity of exercise. I have one week 1/2 to go to finish my first challenge. Not giving up, just being careful. I will proceed with caution. Thanks for inquiring.

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  • I hate to be the crier in the group, but maybe you are missing something vital to your well being, like iron or other some such deficiency.  You might want to consider seeing your doctor just to rule anything like that out.  Being careful is good when you have done all the other right stuff.

  • Hi Firesong,

    I'm thinking about upping the number of calories I take per day. Going to bed at 8:00 every night (this will give me between 9 and 10 hours sleep). Taking a multivitamin. Powerade for hydration (like gatorade but made by cocacola instead of pepsi) Ease up my workouts And if I still feel like this going to the doctor. I so want to finish my first challenge!...

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  • Be sure to read the Gatorade/Powerade labels. Most contain high fructose corn syrup. The Powerade powder does not - that is what I usually keep around for when the kids are sick.

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  • I have a doctor's appointment for next week... I am so disappointed.  I hope the doctor can let me know what's going on and that the solution is easy...

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  • MyDecade - what did you find out?  I used to get really tired too, toned up etc but the energy and strength I thought I'd get went.  I suspected diet and EFA's were lacking then.  I am trying to do better this time.  What did you doctor say?  Usually I find they don't know!!  They do not appreciate the level or intensity of exercise yo are doing for starters... I would be interested to hear how it's going for you.

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