Day 84 (or 91 lol) WITH PICS!! (Sorry it took so long!)

  • I'm glad to hear that you did your abs the way you described....the 12//10/8/6/12/12 thing never made sense to me either for abs.  But then I always felt like I wasn't doing it "by the book" so I wondered if it was working.  I know you need to lose lots of bodyfat before the muscles show, but you can still build them up so they will be pretty when they get their chance to shine.  :)

    My stomach has always been my flabbiest part, not made better by 3 pregnancies I'm sure.  It would be interesting to actually have a flat stomach!  Must be nice!

  • Jaw dropping results!




  • Thanks Rob!!  That was almost a year ago and I was able to maintain!  Best of luck with you challenge, you can do this!!

  • You look great! I hope you feel good too.

    226/225/135 - on 1st Challenge

  • Congratulations-You look awesome! and your smile reflects all your hard work and perseverance. I am on week #3 and I need this success story for motivation.  Kudos!!

  • GREAT job!  You look amazing too!  

  • You  ROCK!!!


    You are an inspiration!


  • Great job....I want your abs.....I bet you never thought someone would ever say that to you huh??? Enjoy yor new body and keep exercising

  • Great six pack showing in that last photo.   Keep up the great work and dedication in your Challenge.  Best wishes always!!

  • Wow!!  THanks everyone!!  I haven't been on here in awhile, can you believe that was over a year ago!!  Just to update I am still working out 6 days a week and eating a clean diet!!  It has become a lifestyle for me and I can't imagine ever going back to my old way of living!!  Good luck to everyone on their challenge you all can do this!! :)  HUGS!

  • Wow!! Great job!!  I just finished week one and looking at progress like yours gives me great motivation!  You should be very proud!!

  • WOW!! Incredible job. Way to did it. It is very rare for a woman to have abs that show through. Keep it up!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • You look great!  Everyone talks about that 8 week change but here at week 3 1/2 it's hard to see.  Reading posts by several people saying the same thing gives me so much hope :)  Pushing forward through this challenge.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Bump bor Riccar!!  YOU CAN DO THIS!  Follow the program it works!!