Day 84 (or 91 lol) WITH PICS!! (Sorry it took so long!)

  • Many thanks!

  • wow fitmama you did a great job!!

  • Awesome Job!!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • HOLLY COW! BODY FOR LIFE WORKS... You are my inspiration... amazing! and I swear you used to complain about something all the time LOL

  • Hmmm ... HASAM???  Could you explain??  Do you perhaps have me confused with someone else??  I truly do not remember complaining about anything??  Unless you are referring to me asking for advice or support, of which I wouldn't consider that to be "complaining".  :(

  • You are right! wrong words lol  "complaining" was not the word, advice is correct!! SORRY!!!

  • Oh ok!!  :)  Thanks for clearing that up!!  I am a very positive person pretty much all the time so I couldn't understand how I came across as "complaining” lol ;-)!!  However YES I was ALWAYS thinking I was doing something wrong so I asked for lots of advice!!

  • I swear I wish I had your results... I still have the tummy fat!!! you look awesome, so what's next? you're still doing BFL?

  • you look beautiful.  congratulations!  

  • OMG, congratulations!! You look amazing.. You're an inspiration ;)

    Great Job..

  • HASAM Yep I am in week 4 of my second challenge ... I felt I still had some fine tuning to do!!  I am also trying gluten free diet right now which is really helping control some bloating issues I was having before!!

  • MazOMalley & MiiFit ... THANK YOU SO MCUH!!  You don't know how good that makes me feel!!

  • WOW!  Congrats mama!  You look amazing!  So proud of you, thanks for being MY inspiration.

    Day 1,


  • Wow!  Awesome pics.  You look fabulous!!!!!!!

    I have only ever made it to Week 8 photos (taking them every 2 weeks) and although I did notice some changes, I soooooooo badly want to give myself the chance to see the 12 week change this time.  It's a little overwhelming as I sit here on Day 2, but I also know how fast it goes by.  Baby steps!  

    Your husband will be so proud of you!  What a welcome home gift you'll have for him when he sees those abs!  Congratulations!

    BTW....what kind of advice can you give for ab workouts?  I never feel like I am doing them right.  

  • Thanks Natalie!!  You are going to do just great I KNOW it!!

    CC ... hmmm ... you know I work my abs on every weight training day so 3X a week ... I really just do basic crunches, planks, side planks, knee bends, ect VERY basic moves and I always do them very slow and controlled!!  That is important ... you really have to concentrate on the move and make sure you have good form and that you contract your abs for the entire movement!!  If your abs are not burning by rep 12 then you are probably not doing it correctly ... slow down and reevaluate your form.  Also I didn't use the 12X10X8X6X12X12X for my abs (shame shame lol), it just didn't make since to me so I usually did 3 sets of 12-15 (sometimes 20) reps I would pick 3-4 exercises and rotate between sets with little to no rest!  

    HTH :-)!!  Hang in there this time you can DO this!!  If you made it to week 8 then you CAN finish!!  Make this challenge YOUR challenge and FINISH STRONG!!!