Day 84 (or 91 lol) WITH PICS!! (Sorry it took so long!)

  • Wow... amazing awesome job U did it!!

  • Congratulations--you look amazing!!

  • Way to go!!!!  You are an inspiration to all, thanks for posting pictures I wish more people would!!!  

  • you did GREAT!  Thanks for posting pictures, they are the abs & butt pics., as that is what I am striving SO hard to get/lose!!  :)  I'm starting week 10 today, changing up cardio & weights til the end.

    Way to go!!!!!  Tonya

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • Confidence - I am about 5'2" ... and sure feel free to send me a private e-mail!

  • Awesome job!  Congratulations!  Thanks for posting pics.  I love to see the success stories.  Gives me more motivation each day that I am in my challenge.  Today is day 15 for me.  

  • INCREDIBLE!!!  With all the adversity you've had to deal with, there is NO excuse for the rest of us!  SO INSPIRING!!!  Congrats!  Loved that you emailed your hubby!  Thank him for us!  :)


  • GREAT JOB!!!  Your outer transformation was stunning but I especially love hearing about some of the inner transformation in your essay.  Be sure to write your official essay and enter the contest!!  Congratulations!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Nancyjod - You are welcome!!  2 weeks in way to go!!  The first 4 weeks are by far the hardest IMO!!  The next 10 weeks will fly by just wait!!  Hugs!!

  • Moxiekidsmom - Thank you so so much!!  Your words are very kind!  Everyone has their own stressors in life and I just chose to use mine to motivate and propel me forward!!  Hugs!

  • Laurie!!  Thank you so much ... you know I don't think I am going to enter the official contest!  I thought about it but I don't know, I was just sooo happy to reach my goals that it seems enough for me!  But who knows maybe I will!  ;-)

  • Way to go girl!!  You look so lean and strong in your after pictures, and so HAPPY!  :-)

    You should be proud of what you have accomplished...heck, I'm proud of you too!!  Look at those abs!!!!

  • HighBeams - thanks so much!!  My abs are by far my favorite body part now ... funny because my "tummy" was ALWAYS my least favorite body part before, I was always trying to find ways to hide it!!  But not anymore!!  ;-)

  • 1fitmama, AMAZING JOB! You must feel oh so good! I am just finishing up week 9 ....feeling like I am in the home stretch..but feeling a little bummed as I am not seeing my lbs go down, and not noticing the wow factor yet. It was great to read your blurps about the last few weeks, thanks for sharing! Can't wait to get to the finish line with all you, and all the  amaizng , strong, empowering women!

  • Finition ... I am so glad my words could encourage you!!  You have 3 weeks to go and yes amazing things can happen in just 3 weeks!!  Remember to strive to hit all your 10's eat SUPER clean and feel great about your inner transformation and new found health!!  Hugs to you, I know you will do great!