Day 84 (or 91 lol) WITH PICS!! (Sorry it took so long!)

  • ***DISCLAMER: ALL my pics (even my after pics) are taken first thing in the morning ... this is with NO makeup and before I even ran a brush through my hair!!** Hey you do what you can when you are home with 2 little kidos lol ;-)

    Special thanks to Jessica for all your encouragement and for answering all my questions no matter how silly they seemed and for the very generous gift you sent to me!!  I couldn't have done this without you!!  Also a special thanks to my wonderful mother who watched my kudos while I went to the gym each morning and never once complained!!  I LOVE YOU!


    Ok soooo I can NOT believe I made it!!  I don't think I have ever completed something like this for MYSELF EVER!!  I feel wonderful and truly LOVE myself for the first time!  I always hated when people who lost weight would say "More than losing the weight I love the way I feel"  I always thought that was a load of bull.  BUT you know what it is soooooo true, it's one of those things you will never understand until you get there!!  Sort of like never understanding a parents love for his/her children until you become a parent yourself! 

    I hope these pics more than anything motivate at least one person to start and or finish his/her own challenge so that they can feel as complete as I do!!  Halfway through my challenge even though I was getting good results I didn't know if I could continue to do this for life, but now I know I can and I wouldn't want to live any other way.  I feel so incredible inside and can't wait to set new goals and continue on with my own challenges!!


    Weight: 118
    Waist: 33
    Hips: 35.5
    Thigh: L - 20 R - 20
    Body fat: 20.8 (using and online calculator)


    Weight: 106
    Waist: 26.5
    Hips: 31.75
    Thigh: L - 17 R - 17.5
    Body fat: 15.1 (using the same online calculator)









  • You sure lived up to your name!  Incredible job.  

    Thanks for the shout out and it was my pleasure.  None of your questions were silly and your results are seriously awesome.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • WOW!


    I love the back pictures! You recovered your waist!!!! Beautiful! Good Job!

    Live life with passion!

  • All I can say is WOW.  What a fabulous accomplishment.  

  • Dang girl, you look GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think you should email an after pic to your husband (he doesn't come home for another 3 months if I read your profile correctly?), and tell him "can't wait to see you"............he will be the envy of all the guys in his unit!

    You rocked the challenge, so happy for you!


  • Thank you all soooooo much!!  It felt soooo good just to finish ... that 8 week miracle (more like 10/11 weeks for me) is soooo true!!  I really didn't think there was much difference from my week 9 to my week 12 (and the scale was the same), but the pics really show the difference!!

    And Tina thank you so much you are too sweet!!  I did e-mail my hubby the pic of my abs and he was like "that's not you"!!  Lol, after he accepted it WAS in fact me all he could say was "WOW"!!

    I can't wait for him to get home!!  If I am not careful we might end up with baby #3 about this time next year lol!!  ;-)

    Hugs, Crystal

  • wow great pics!!  the back pics look great, and your abs too!  And of course the smile on your face!

    I really needed to see this.  Been having a bad week being sick and was just about to grab a cookie.  But hopped on here instead and now no cookie!! :)

  • Wow! Very inspiring! You look fantastic.

  • Awww thanks so much!!  OptiGirl ... I am glad my pics could help keep you on track!!  Hang in there I know how hard it can be when you are sick or stressed!!  Hugs, remember just keep going!

  • WOOHOOO Look at YOU 1FitMama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy for you!  You look sensational!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • How tall are you?? Can I email you privately??

  • Congratulations on completing your challenge and on the transformation.  All the hard work paid off - you look great!

    One Life, Live Accordingly

  • Awesome job!   Proud of you!  And IIRC you're hubby is in the military?   Thanks for your sacrifice and keeping the home fires burning, and thanks to him for his service!  Trust me, I'm sure he loved you 'before' but he wont be able to wait to get home if you send him pictures now!!  wowsers.. (Hope he doesnt find me and beat me up lol)


    Edit:.. And just the look in your EYES is amazing.  You can just see the pride and happiness radiating from you..

  • Great job - you look terrific.

  • Wowzer!  Awesome results!  You are definately 1fitmama!  Congrats!