Day 84 (or 91 lol) WITH PICS!! (Sorry it took so long!)

  • WHOA!  Your abs rock!  What have you eaten on free day?  Are you doing anything extra or just sticking to the bfl plan?!  Could post a day of eating and a free day so I can get some idea as to if I am doing what I'm supposed to? are my hero!  I'm at 6 weeks into my post baby 2nd challenge.

  • Being completely honest here this challenge was nearly 2 years ago and my free days were UGLY!!  Wine, cheese, candy, cookies, taco bell ... you name it!  I always felt sick and bloated on my free days.  I have since gained control, but it took a looooong time!  My meals were pretty simple:

    M1: egg whites and oatmeal (or protein shake and fruit on weights days)

    M2: Turkey burger with veggies

    M3: chili or chicken and veggie soup

    M4: Pumpkin protein muffins

    M5: Tuna and an apple

    M6: Greek yogurt with stevia frozen wild blue berries, cinnamon, and 1T peanut or Almond butter

    My 6th meals was pretty much always the same, it really helped with my sweet tooth I LOVE greek yogurt.  The other meals I switched around a bit, but the more simple I kept it the easier it was.  Also because I am a control freak I typically tried to get 20g protein and 20g carbs at each meal and that worked for me.  And of course TONS of water.

    When I was doing this challenge I stuck to the plan 100%!!!  IT WORKS!  Since then I have tried many different programs but I ALWAYS come back to BFL, it is what works for me and keeps me lean and happy!  I am so glad to help motivate you!  Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Thanks dearly.  This is what I eat generally speaking (hope you don't mind scrutinizing me)... m1: ww eng muffin, sugar free jam 1/2 c egg w m2: 20 g protein bar m3: 4 oz chicken, 1 c beans, 1/2 c brown rice m4: 1/3 c oatmeal & 30 g protein shake m5: 4 oz lean beef, 2 corn tortillas, lettuce, salsa m6: greek yogurt

    Free Day for me is a catastrophe.  I am usually bloated and sick and definately over eat.  My goal this round is to try and gain some self control and not splurge so much.  I hope my abs can be flat like yours someday.  Maybe I'm eating too many carbs?  Smart carbs are listed as beans (not sure if that means any kind of beans or just the green veggish kind).  Also,  I've upped my food quanitities this round because I've always been starving on bfl before.  I'm not a small build.  I'm 5'8 and wear a size 8 pants.  Thanks again for all your needed advice.  I appreciate so much that people are willing to offer their great ideas so I don't have to waste so much time through trial and error.  

  • First I think you are doing a great job.  The below is just what I noticed, however I am NO expert.  I do know that while I do eat protein bars and shakes and artificial sweeteners they tend to make me more hungry and crave sweets more, so keep that in mind!  I really hope some of this helps!!  Whatever you do just keep going!!  Hugs ... You can do this!

    m1: ww eng muffin, sugar free jam 1/2 c egg w  - How many carbs are in that english muffin?  I would stay around 20g or under, also ditch the sugar free jam (its not awful, but not really approved either), I would also try upping your egg whites to 3/4C

    m2: 20 g protein bar  - Carbs? Protein? Sugar?  When I eat protein bars I try to pick the ones with little or no sugar and around a 20/20 ratio ... Pure Protein and Think Thin are two that meet that criteria.  Also, I try to stay away from protein bars unless I am out of the house, and need something fast.  They don't fill me up and I am usually hungry soon after.

    m3: 4 oz chicken, 1 c beans, 1/2 c brown rice - if you beans are green beans fine, otherwise you are eating carbs on top of carbs.  So its either rice OR beans OR half a portion of each (about 1/4C beans and 1/4C rice).  

    m4: 1/3 c oatmeal & 30 g protein shake - This is good, I would still aim for 20-25g of protein, out bodies can only use up to 25g of protein at 1 meal, so anything more is not necessary.  Also how about a Tbsp peanut butter or virgin coconut oil so add some healthy fat ... I don't see any fat on you list and healthy fat is SOOOOOO important!

    m5: 4 oz lean beef, 2 corn tortillas, lettuce, salsa - I would go for low carb WW tortillas over corn (thats just me however) OR put that beef and salsa over a large bed of lettuce (and spinach) with some sauteed bell peppers and onions for a fajita salad  ... YUMM!

    m6: greek yogurt -  is this plain or flavored?  Nonfat or low fat?  I always go for plain greek yogurt as the flavored varieties have way too much sugar.  I flavor my yogurt with cinnamon, and stevia, maybe some frozen wild blueberries and a T of nut butter.  If you are not against artificial sugar splenda works well as well as a tsp of sugar free pudding mix!!

  • Thank you dearly!  I appreciate your feedback so much.   Makes sense where I need to definately make some adjustments.  What great advice!  I will be making some changes you mentioned most definately.  I have 5 weeks left in this challenge and I want to make the very most of it!