starting week 9....w/very little results....thoughts on lifting, free weights or machines?

  • As far as getting on the bike this afternoon......what speed should I start at??  I know on the treadmill, I started @ 4.0 for the 1st 2 mins., then 4.6, 5.2, 5.6 6.0, then repeated all of that like 4 times.


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  • Doin it,  I too love Zumba, and it is lots of fun, but it no way is the HIIT prescribed in BFL.  Everyone has talked about the science of muscle loss when doing that much cardio.  I think you are now on the right track with the weights and the HIIT cardio. Remember to hit your ten no matter what cardio you choose.  And zumba will be their when you reach your ripped goal.  Good luck.

  • Doin it - I love your results from your first challenge.  Great job!  

    Instead of focusing on a goal of 115 lbs, try to focus on a goal of % body fat.  You could be 115lbs with 15% body fat or you could be 125lbs with 10% body fat.  the scale doesn't show the real picture.  If you have calipers, they should have come with the calculation on how to measure body fat % and lbs and then you choose your desired body fat % and it tells you how to calculate your target weight.  I can find what I have and type it up for you if you want.  I am 5'5".  My goal is to acheive 13% body fat.  The calculations showed that my target weight is 124.

    Best of luck!

  • firesong - I so agree w/you!  I have been doing zumba since Sept., and am not in any better shape than I was 6 months ago....I just "felt like" I needed lots of cardio to lose my rolls through my stomach, back fat, saddlebags etc., but I'm thinking I need WEIGHTS, ha!  Thank you for you input!

    nancyjod - thank you!!!!  still have a ways to go!  I never did get my body fat % done, I really need to do that, b/c you're right, the scale isn't moving much, but I can see "some" definition in my arms/legs, and I know I've lost inches as well.   My true goal isn't to be 115 lbs., I realllllly want to be ripped!

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  • doinit, I was doing zumba as well since about the same time you were.  And though I was getting a good cardio workout I could not lose any weight.  I was doing two classes back to back twice a week and anohter class on another day.  When I looked at starting bfl, I took a look at my instructor and all the folks in my classes.  Though my instructor is not fat at all, I was shocked when I looked at her arms, they were flappy, you know what I mean, they flap in the wind. And the women in my class were complaining because they were doing 7 classes a week, compared to my 5 and werent losing weight, so after my first two weeks in bfl I decided to go pure and drop zumba for now.  I still love going to a class, its total fun, but not using it anymore as part of my program.  Of course I am in a lot different space than you, I still have lots of fat to lose but I am seeing a lot of muscle def. and a lot of results in my abs.  even that line that runs down from your chest to your pelvis is showing.  so i am psyched, and really hope you reach all your goals.  

  • firesong ~ yeah, I've really got to buckle down these next 2 weeks, and after, and do the HIIT program, as well as change up the weight routine....I really think I'm in a rut, and badly want OUT, ha!!!!

    nancyjod - ugh, I asked a personal trainer @ the gym tonight if he would check my bodyfat %.....WOW, it's a lot more than I thought it would now instead of "doin it", I am "DETERMINED"!!!!!!  He said I should've been changing up my weight training every week, which I haven't been, so I will do that for the final 2 weeks (starting Monday), and see where that gets me!

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