Messed up free day again

  • "Ignore everyone else, if your sticking to the program 6 days a week with strict eating and intense exercise then your freeday is yours, do with it what you will, screw this 1 cheat meal approach, have you read the book, have you read what bill phillips has written, he gives an example of freeday .pancakes and mable syrip for breakfast,a bigmac or 2 for lunch,a large peroroni pizza for dinner,apple pie for dessert.Im sorry folks if I sound rash but im not making this stuff up, its there in black and white, you may not agree with it but its part of the bfl program whether you like it or not"

    I beg to differ here. First off, if someone is asking for advice, nothing should be "ignored". Really there is no "right" way for everyone. I really feel it all depends on where she is holding body composition/weight wise and goals...

    This is BFL... if one is binging on a free day... that is not a free day, that is a binge day. Not the purpose as it was set out me thinks.

    So with that said, the other advice here of trying to change behaviour IS the solution. YES for sure have some things you are craving but ask yourself the rest of the time if what you are eating is in line with your goals. It is fine to enjoy life, yet if the "binge" mentality does not decrease, after the 12 weeks or 24 or whatever, nothing will have been learned. Moderation is the key. Moderation in food, cardio and weight training. Enjoy the process and look inside yourself throughout and try to gain an understanding of why you do some of the things you do. When you can answer these things you will probably find that the "binge" part of free day will diminish and you will just enjoy and not go crazy just cuz you think you can.

    Mindset changes....

  • Mydecade...I found that the thought of knowing I have a "free day" every Sunday and then obsessing over it when it came, I knew that I still hadn't completely overcome by bad eating habits. Once I changed my way of thinking(with your help! :), and realized that this has to be a style of life, I went in a different direction with it.

    I think I may have misled some people here by talking about my "free meal", I may have made it sound like I have a free meal here and there whenever I want to but that's not the case. After my very tough wk3, I changed my way of planning and thinking. I decided to eliminate the Sunday "free day" because I didn't need it and it just brought me back to how I felt before the challenge. At the same time I told myself there will be a free day for me in the future, but when it will be I don't know. Plus I also realize that the free day is not only mentally satisfying every once in a while but it's also good to throw your body off for a day. So I hadn't had a free day for over a week and this little get together came around last minute and I said to myself, ok today will be the free day. But because I didn't feel the need to make it a full day I had a free dinner and dessert! :) So in other words, since my tough week3 I've been sticking to the program day in and day out, doing the workouts, and not planning a free day. If once a week or once every two weeks a situation like this arises, I let myself enjoy it, I forgive myself and then I get right back on the horse. So basically I am following the BFL program but I'm making it more of a lifestyle and adjusting the free day to my personal situation instead of counting down the days to my Sunday, I realized that's not healthy at all for my brain and puts me back to where I was 5 weeks ago.

    ayummymommy, I agree with you 100% no advice should be ignored! That's why we are here for eachother and everyones advice is valuable! Although I believe most of us are trying to follow the BFL program to a t, I believe everyone also has to fit it into their busy lifestyle whatever that may be. And even  though someones advice may not work for one person, it may work for another. We are all here to support eachother and the fact that everyone takes the time to sit down and type out their advice shows how much we all care and support eachother throughout this journey. I find that all the advice I have received on these forums has collectively helped me to get to a much much healthier place in my life right now and I am truly grateful! I think the biggest transformation that all of us will make is our mindset and the way we approach food, and ofcourse in the end will come the physical transformation. How we all get there depends on the individual and we are here to help eachother along the way.

  • @Evasmommy,

    No I understood exactly what you were getting at, and I know that you know that just because you dont do 'free days' doesnt mean you can do 'free meals' whenever you want.  BUT, for some people that could be exactly what it turns in to!  So while I'm sure you have 'got it' as far as the mental part, for many, the last thing they need (me included) is that chance to have a 'free meal' here and a 'free meal there' next thing you know it's 'free meals' once a day :).   That's why for folks until they REALLY have a grasp of it, you do the program as it's written :)

  • dburg I know you totally understand me lol! I was afraid of exactly what you just wrote above that I may have misled some people into thinking a "free meal here and a free meal there" is ok cause it's definitely not! so I needed to clarify myself so I don't steer someone in the wrong direction :) You're right about people that don't have a full grasp of it to stick to the program exactly as it's written, I did for the first two weeks also, and as you know my wk3 was a bit of a mess, and then getting back on track in week 4 and going into week 5 I looked back at what my problems actually were and this was part of them. So I'm sticking to it just switching up my free day here and there so I can adopt this as more of a lifestyle rather than a 12-week program. But until someone new to this is ready  and in that state-of-mind that they feel they can make a choice like this it's absolutely best like you said to stick to it the way it's written because it's a phenomenal program and it won't steer you in the wrong direction!

  • Evasmommy...that is why I take my free day mostly on Saturday's. That is when my family is together, I have company etc...just want to have dessert or a relaxing day....also no workout Saturdays so it is free all around. A true mental and physical rest.

  • Evasmommy - You hit the nail on the head for me!  I really appreciate your comments ;)

  • That's great ayummymommy! You know that that is usually the day for you and your family and friends to spend a relaxing day together and you've made that adjustment to suit your life! and I think that's what I was trying to get at with my babbling earlier on, lol, we all have a different way of approaching our free day, whether it be a free meal, or an entire day of free eating, or maybe like you it's on a saturday instead of a sunday :)

  • Timetochange - Thank you so much! I am also a complete emotional eater and I finally feel like I'm gaining control and getting my life back! I think we both know that we can physically conquer this and drop the weight but when your head is not in the right place it's absolutely crippling, and that's what has been the biggest obstacle and it feels so amazing to feel like I'm beating this monster that is myself :)