Lost 80 lbs. Trying to loose final lbs off stomach: will a strict calorie count help??

  • I read today from a fitness magazine that if one wants to lose stubborn stomach fat, the solution is to cut calories and increase cardio.  The article suggested that you adopt a forumula of target weight x 11= calorie intake.  The article suggested cardio activities that burn at least 2,000 calories per week.

    I have followed BFL for almost four years, with some very good results.  The last pounds of stomach fat are problematic.  My problem is binge eating on free days, plus too much bread during the week.

    What do you all think of adopting a calorie allowance as a means to get cut in the abs?

    Thank you for any suggestions.


  • Hey Farmgate,

    Since you're a BFL veteran, I would suggest reading Burn the Fat, Fee the Muslce by Venuto if you  haven't already.  I do NOT recommend it for those new to BFL.  Work BFL by the book first for at least two challenges, then you can adapt.  BFFM breaks down calories and how to find out the amount you should eat based on your BMR.  It's very, very compatible with BFL.

    However, I bet if you get that free day under control, I have a feeling that you could get rid of that last amount of stomach fat.  Also keep in mind that it might be loose skin.  Maybe?  How is your water intake?  And are you eating enough good calories on your non-free days?  You mentioned bread.  Do you seem to have a reaction to it?  Try cutting it out and see what happens.  I have heard other BFLers who say that bread tends to make them bloat.  Maybe you have a sensitivity to it.

    Anyway, congrats on losing 80 pounds!  That is fantastic!  I've lost 46 but have at least 80+ to go.  I'm on C3.  Best wishes!