In need of encouragement!

  • Mydecade...your right I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk to my doctor. But I also think I need to get this under control on my own too, because it's something I struggle with and give in each time, and I don't want to live like that anymore. I want to know that I can overcome this, and move past it. But I already feel so much better about my journey talking with all of you! I feel like my head is already in a much better place having spent today replying to all of you! It's helping me work through my emotions!

    I have to say that so far my day has been right on track...I did my LBWO this morning, I've eaten well all day, lots of water...and I'm trying to stay positive!

  • Hi EvasMommy,

    Just a few things that have helped me, from one gal to another!!!!

    1) Diet coke:  my addiction of choice, but the stuff makes me CRAZY hungry.  I never realized that until I stopped drinking it the first month of this challenge........every time I allow myself one now, I am craving food all day long and never full!

    2) Same with white carbs (white bread, white rice, sugar, etc.)  Stick with whole wheat pasta and breads, many fewer cravings.

    3) Exercise helps!  Hormones are not an excuse, but they are VERY real, and definitely affect the way we feel, some women more than others.  Some months I get horrific mood swings, others not so much.  I do have to say with exercising consistently on BFL (I'm in week 9 now), the mood swings have been so much better. I'd say mood swings only about 20% of normal, I think due to consistent exercise.

    4) If you goof up on the eating (trust me, I have a couple times in a BIG way this past 9 weeks), just try to figure out why you slipped up, learn from it, and move on.  DON'T QUIT, just hop back on board and keep plugging along!

    5) Go by how you look more than the will put on muscle if you are pushing yourself in your workouts, the scale may not drop as quickly as you hope, but the end results will be so much better!

    Good Luck, and we are glad you joined the forum!


  • P.S.

    Also - many women, and myself and my dr as well, swear by upping your intake of B vitamins, maybe ask your doc about that if you want to try options other than the pill.

  • I like this suggestion.  I took pictures in the beginning, but am so hesitant to take them to see if there is any improvement.  Overall, I have done very good with exercise, and probably about a "B" on my eating.  I was so disgusted with my pictures - I look liked like the definition of "skinny fat" so I am scared to take more pictures.  

    With that being said, maybe I should order a bikini and plan on pictures as BDmom suggests.  I think you should too, Evasmommy.

  • MN Mom- Thank you sooo much for all your suggestions! Yeah I think maybe the d-coke did me in this last week! I dropped it completely from my diet the first two weeks, and I'm going to drop it again starting today and moving forward except on free days! It's great to hear everyones suggestions because I'm starting to put together all the things that I've done in the past week that are contributing factors to my cravings, and not helping my "that time of the month" situation! It's good to know I'm not the only one experiencing these horrible hormonal mood swings and cravings! Thank you for your encouragement! I'm definitely starting to feel some muscle definition so you are right about just dropping the scale and not driving myself crazy over it. So good to know about the B vitamin intake, I'm going to look into it and definitely try it! All your advice is really valuable to me!

    My2Suns-I actually did take a before picture also and a two week picture because my fiance said he had noticed a definite change...looking at them now I see a slight difference but not anything earth shattering! I have to admit even though it was not much of a change, I looked at them today again and it gave me some encouragement! I'm not quite courageous enough to post them yet, I will post them eventually but I want to do wk 4 or 5! Don't be scared, it helped me start my challenge at the beginning because when I saw the pics I looked like Big bird lol (I gain all my weight in my upper body) so it helped to propel me forward. I had a moment of complete weakness in the last week, and after talking with everyone today, I opened the pics side by side and it made me realize that I have gotten somewhere even if its a very small change! Maybe I'll order a new bikini too!

  • P.s. MN Mom you look amazing...congratulations on your progress! You look great!

  • MN Mom,

    "Diet" Soda's in some people can cause the exact same physiological effects as "normal" soda.  

    Basically  the body thinks it just got a load of sugar and ramps up to put that higly refined suger into long term storage.  

  • So I know I said I would put away the scale...and today I finally did...and although I've realized from everyone's advice that the scale is a deathtrap, curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to know  how much damage I did since my awful diet in week 3, which I realize the number sometimes does not mean a thing...Well to my surprise, no change whatsoever! 155.8...I started at 163. Needless to say I was happily surprised because I've had a pattern on other diets of getting down to 156 and jumping back up within a week. But even though I cheated that week I continued the BFL exercise by the book!

    So after the weigh in this morning I took it out of the house and put it into my fiances car because he works alot so it'll be away for most of the time!

    Through everyone's support, advice and encouragement I have to say that on Monday everyone helped me fight through my blues. Yesterday my head was in a great place, and today I feel even better. I think I just needed someone to talk some sense into me and it made me realize that just because I had a bit of a stumble it doesn't mean anything and I need to forgive and move forward! So I'm honestly so excited about the challenge all over again like I was when I started the first week. I already feel so much stronger and healthier, and I realize whatever the end result may be, will be one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal!

    I've also gone back to lots and lots of water no soda and it has helped the cravings tremendously, so thank you everyone!

  • Awesome news!  

    Knew you had it in you!  

    Good job on the scales too.  There are just too many things that can cause your weight to change a few pounds.   

  • YAYYYYY!  I know curiosity will get to you, but you will be SO much better for not having it in the house, every single day!

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • Thank you Doin it and dburg30! I feel sooo much better! Couldn't get my UBWO in this morning, but I'm about to put my little peanut to bed and I will get it in now! As each day passes I feel better and better :)