Zero Results

  • You know that is interesting Laurie!!  I SWEAR every time I would see a really big improvement it was right AFTER I felt a little softer or "fluffy" for a few days, then bam I would wake up and my body would be different in the morning!

  • Thanks Laurie & Optigirl!  Your reassurance has been great :)

    MyDecade - I start week 8 on Tuesday, and I just realised that that means we have 5 weeks left to push harder and eat cleaner.  I dunno about you but I have seen some great changes so far.

    Last night I missed my workout and had a glass of wine after a very stressful day at work.  That spiraled into two glasses and then chocolate....! First time I have cheated on the program, and I feel rubbish about it this morning.  Funny thing is, I looked at my body in the mirror this morning and I actually look a bit slimmer... If you can get DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), perhaps you can get DOBS (Delayed Onset Body Shrinking!)  Making up my workout today and eating 100% clean!!!

  • It's rare that you will see results in the middle of the first week.  Aim to measure your body fat% every two weeks or so.  The tale of the tape is what counts.

  • I'm right there w/ya.....started week 8 yesterday, w/ ZERO results.....visibly!  I've lost some inches, and clothes fit a "little looser", but that's it!   HANG IN THERE.....WE CAN DO IT!!!!!

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • Yes Doing it!

    We can do it! And as I said I'll do a 2nd challenge if needed. What I want out of this first and foremost is to obtain the discipline and pleasure of exercise and good eating habits. I plan to keep the exercise and the good eating well beyond the challenge and eventually it will happen to me too (I mean the transformation)

    Yes Doing it, I also feel my clothes are just a bit looser, not too much but I can feel it nonetheless. I'll keep it up just like you.

    Live life with passion!

  • Travis,

    I'm on week eight. I made a mistake on the first post.

    Live life with passion!

  • MyDecade,

    I JUST sent my husband an email complaining about this VERY same thing.  I'm in Week 6 and have not had any changes...well, I'm losing inches but nothing earth-shattering and I can't tell the difference in the way my clothes fit.  My scale weight actually went up 2 lbs in Week 3 and stayed body fat % is still the same and my BMI is still the same...

    So incredibly frustrating.  Just like you, I know my diet isn't perfect and in fact after Week 4 it became very lax but it's still 10 times better than it was before and I'm trying to get it back in order.  I even started counting calories this week, just to make sure I'm not over-eating.  

    Anyway I could go on and on...just wanted to say thank you for being honest...helps me realize I'm not the only one and that I can thru this too.

    Baby steps...


  • ugh....right there w/ya!!!!  I'm in week 8 this week, and hardly ANY changes......but the more frustrated I get, the harder I'm trying!  Last night I weighed as soon as I got to the gym, and was even more mad (shouldn't have done that I think!!!), b/c the scale has just stayed the same!  I know like the others say, "it's just a #, muscle weighs more than fat, blah, blah, blah", but I think I would feel reassured @ this point that it's working, if that dang # would go DOWN!

    Hang in there!  :-)   Tonya

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • Yes Diana and Tonya, I hear you both!

    It is such an incredible motivator to se the # go down... But I will not give up. I have gain so much already by exercising six times a week! Something that seemed imposible just a few months ago. i will not give up. Numbers can be as they wish. I intend to adopt BFL as a life style.

    A friend of my that is fit says: do not think about results, just enjoy exercising which carries its own reward. I agree. And about the diet. I'll become better and better over time too :)

    Live life with passion!

  • Hi guys,

    I just stumbled upon this forum as I logged on tonight feeling a bit down myself about not seeing any results so far... I have just finished week 8... and my clothes are barely even looser.

    I have been eating clean, and ensuring my portions are right... and YES my workouts are faultless! Although I have definitely gained strength and can see some muscle tone developing but nothing earth shattering.

    I am hoping I will fall into that "miracle" category of seeing some results right in those last few weeks, as my goal was to drop a size at the very least (was hoping for two sizes).

    I know I don't have much to lose (you can see my before pics in my profile) but I really want to have definition and lose about 3-4kgs of fat (which would definitely take me down a size).

    I have four weeks to go, so I have decided to implement some light cardio each day additionally to my normal BFL workouts, maybe this will help with the fat loss.

    Has anyone else who has completed a challenge seen virtually no result right up till week 8 (in size)?

    I feel I should have seen something (even drop half a size??).

    I am trying to stay motivated but it can get difficult when I have stuck this out 100% for 8 weeks...


  • Mazjaz-  I was just thinking about your yesterday and was about to message you to see how  you were doing!  

    PLeeeezzzzzz!  Hang in there!  I started noticing in week 9.   You are at the point in the challenge when your body will start to work!  Hang in there!  

    Maybe you should post some of your meals and I would not recommend adding any extra cardio.  I know it is difficult.  I was used to running for hours when I started my first challenge.  Going from that kind of cardio to 20 min. HIIT was a test of faith.  Go by the book baby!!!  Your caloric intake is already low enough.  You don't need to burn more calories or your body is going to want to hang on to stuff.  Go by the book for 4 more weeks !  You can do it.  Make sure you are lifting heavy too.  


  • Mazjaz ~ I right there w/you too........I went to dinner last night, and put on a pr. of jeans that I haven't worn in a long time, and they were skin tight, & I was like, you have got to be kidding me??!!!!  But I'm gonna hang in there & push harder these next 4 weeks. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

    Live TODAY like there's no TOMORROW!

  • I am very glad that I stumbled upon this thread! I am just finishing week 4, and my results are discouraging. The first week I dropped 4lbs of scale weight, and 3 more the second week, but it hasn't budged since. I have lost a few inches here and there, but I guess not being an objective viewer I haven't noticed it myself.

    It is encouraging to know that I'm not alone in my anxiety over change! It's hard to believe that I could look like one of that "after" pictures when I'm nowhere near that point and already a third of the way through the program. I definitely feel stronger, in the upper body especially, but the scale is a nuisance!

    Thanks for all of the advice on here, guys, it really helps!




    :) :) :)

    Yes you can MsBrightSide!

    I am now at a point where I have already commited myself to a second challenge. I am commited to obtain what I want from my body... I have muscle I can feel under the fat and I will work hard to get rid of the fat to show up hte muscle!


    Live life with passion!