Laurie Deemer, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

  • Hi

    You look fab!!

    I would really appreciate you helping me with my daily menus.

    I continue to STRUGGLE with my daily menus.

    I continue to eat too much.

    Please can you give me a typicals weeks menu?

    Thanks soo much!!

  • Looking at your pics your abs area is amazing! I'm working on mine but it is sooo hard!!

  • Hasam - It seems that the place we want to improve the most, is always the last to go.  For me, it's my thighs.  I think it takes VERY clean eating, just a little extra cardio and of course, slow, concentrated ab exercises.  I do men's "V-ups" a lot, crunches (straight & oblique) on my Swiss ball, bicycle crunches, etc.  Your bodyfat has to be quite low to get a lot of definition there.  Be patient.... you'll get there!

    Kitty33 -

    Thank you very much.  I'd be happy to help you.  Here is a typical week for me:

    Meal 1 (8 am) - Myoplex Lite shake

    Meal 2 (10:30 am) - fat-free cottage cheese (1/2 c.) and fat-free yogurt

    Meal 3 (1:00) - chicken or fish  and  plain baked potato or brown rice  and  veggies

                              (sometimes I have a tuna sandwich on WW bread (fat-free mayo))

    Meal 4 (3 pm if it's cardio day; 4 pm if it's lifting day) - Myoplex Lite shake

    (6:00 pm Exercise / If it's cardio day I have waited 3 hrs since meal 4 and I will wait an hour after my workout for the next meal).

    Meal 5 (7:30 pm) - chicken or fish (I eat salmon 2-3 times a week to get my good oils)  and  brown rice or corn  and  veggies or side salad

    Meal 6 (10:00 pm) - fat-free cottage cheese (either alone or with a fruit).  (Sometimes I don't get meal 6 in).

    I drink 80-100 oz of water every day.

    If I'm really hungry and can't make it to my next meal, I occasionally have raw carrots or apple slices.

    With this program, it is very easy to suffer from "portion distortion" since we don't really measure many things nor do we count calories.  I admit that I do guess-timate my calories on occasion to keep myself in check.  I am 6' tall and weigh about 155 lbs; I try to keep my daily calories between 1600-1800.  I am very active and am training for my first half marathon so I burn a lot of calories every week.

    I hope that helps you.  If you'd like for me to take a look at your typical menu, you can post it here or more privately as a "conversation".

    Thank you again for stopping by.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Hi

    Wondering what your w/o were like?

    Did you run on the treadmill and what was your high point?

    Thanks for your menu ideas,

    I am such a mess and can't seem to get it together

    This Monday is yet the latest in Mondays I try to start.

  • Kitty33,

    Do you have the original book?  Have you read it from cover to cover?  You really have to get your mind right before you will be successful at this.  I bought the book about 2 weeks before I started.  I did a lot of soul-searching before I started.  It also helps to tell yourself that you can do ANYTHING for 84 days!

    Once you start, it takes a lot of planning.... always having authorized foods to choose from, making sure your other obligations won't prevent you from working out (even if it means working out at 4 or 5 in the morning), figuring out how you will be successful at that birthday party/baseball game/ etc.

    You said this Monday you will TRY to start.  Obviously, that approach has not worked on past Mondays.  There is no "TRY"....  You need to change that sentence to:  "This Monday I WILL start my Body for Life challenge and I WILL be successful."

    Have you written down at least 3 goals and at least 3 self-promises for this challenge?  They can be very simple.  One of my goals was to wear a smaller size scrub pants.  As for self-promises, mine were to never miss a workout, not drink any alcohol except free day, and no unauthorized foods except free day.  I was successful at all my goals and self-promises except one..... I had one goal of getting strong enough legs to be able to run.  I was plagued with knee problems in challenge #1 so was never able to try running.  I actually didn't try running til challenge 3.... literally ONE minute at a time.  Now I'm doing my first Half Marathon (run/walk) on March 20th.

    You really have to believe in yourself and make a commitment to yourself to do this.  

    As for my workouts.....

    I did all my workouts in my basement.  My cardio was on an elliptical.  I followed the BFL structure for lifting and primarily used dumbbells.  I use my Swiss ball for hamstring curls and crunches.  You don't need any fancy equipment.  I bought several books to get some ideas for lifting.  I try to change my lifting exercises every 3 weeks.  As outlined in the book, I did not eat for 3 hrs prior to cardio and at least an hour after.

    Spend this weekend getting your head straight.  You can do this... I promise!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Laurie,

    You have truly become an inspirational BFL Champion.  To hear your progress all the way through to prepping for the marathon is absolutely spectacular.  Your ability to inspire and motivate others is shining through.  Listening to you reminds me of how I felt during and after my last two challenges.  You also remind me how much I want it back.

    Keep up the greatness and have an absolutely great marathon!

    Happy Pants

    10's in exercise and nutrition = 10's in life

  • Thank you, Jeff.  That means so much to me.  You have always been an inspiration to me.... from the very beginning of my first challenge.

    I'm glad you have your Happy Pants back on!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Wow!  Nice job!  Very inspireing, thank you for sharing.   :)

  • Hi Laurie, just wanted to let you know that I'm progressing in my challenge, and I look at your photos on a regular basis to nspire me! I started my personal fitness challenge February 14 (BFL base) and then 2 weeks later really started focusing on the food choices and portions and more consistent workouts (after I saw your post!)  I'm down 9.5 lbs which I'm excited about and feeling the muscle developing (still under fat but hey, it's early!) I lost 6 lbs the first week and then plateued for a bit, then some more loss.  There were some spikes up at times too (typical weight loss zig zags!). So thanks again for sharing your journey...

  • Hi Lourie

    You've reached an amazing result! So inspiring!!

    I am about to start my challenge and I would appreciate any kind of support or advise.

    It is reassuring to see real people getting real results!

  • Sarali - Thank you so much.  It is still hard for me to believe that I'm the one inspiring others when I have been so fortunate to have had so many mentors and friends inspiring me along the way.  Payback is GREAT!

    BFLBride2b - I've been wondering about you.  Congratulations on the 9.5 pounds.  I want you to stay really focused.  We have big plans for you.  After a few weeks, it gets harder to stay on track.  Your wedding will be here before you know it..... just take it one meal and one workout at a time.  You can do it!  (By the way, that tickles me pink that you look at my pictures regularly for inspiration.  Thank you for that!).

    alizaat55 - Thank you for the kind words.  I'm so glad you've made the decision to start a Body for Life challenge.  Have you had a chance to read some of the posts that I have made on this thread to some of the other people starting out?  Do you have the original book?  Have you already picked a start date?  I have limited time in the next couple of days, but please read my posts and get back to me with any questions that I may not have already answered.  Yes..... I'm just a regular person, eating regular foods, doing regular exercises..... and got awesome results by doing it by the book.  And you can, too.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Laurie,

    Congrats on being a champion and I am grateful that you have shared your story and offered your help to those of us who are on the road to being champions.  I am starting my first challenge on April 3rd and after reading your post, am more motivated than ever.  I haven't gotten the book yet but will get it this week and prepare for my challenge.  A couple of questions...Did you use any supplements?  I am not quite understanding the 20 minute cardio interval?  How do you stay motivated through the program when it seems like your not making progress?  Thank you again!!

  • doitformyself -

    Welcome to Body for Life!!  I'm so excited that you have made a commitment to yourself to change your life.  April 3rd is about 10 days away.  That gives you plenty of time to get the book.  Be sure to read it from cover to cover.  I think most of your questions will be answered there, but don't ever hesitate to contact me.

    As for supplements.... the only thing I use are Myoplex Lite shakes (usually for meals 1 & 4), occasionally the Myoplex Lite bars if I'm out and about.  I did not take any other supplements.

    The High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is something that is individualized to each person's level of fitness.  For someone really out of shape, that may be walking on a treadmill.  For someone very fit, it might be running on a treadmill.  For me, it was always on an elliptical.  After the warm-up, you find a "6" (on a scale of 1-10) for 1 minute, then bump it up to level 7, then 8, then 9, then back down to 6.  On the final interval, you take it to level 10 (this one minute is so intense that you don't think you could do another second).  There are lots of ways to increase intensity.... speed, resistance, incline, or combination.  The way I did it on the elliptical is set it on level 5 or 6 (out of 12 levels on my machine) and I just left it there.  I used speed to increase my intensity.  I'm sure you'll find what works for you.  Oh... another thing that helps me now is my heartrate monitor.  I really push myself.  Of course I am very fit now.  I would say my heartrate ranges from the 140's to 170's ("Level 5 - 10").  

    For some people, they don't see results quickly on the scale.  That's where it becomes very important to take your starting measurements and get your bodyfat checked.  Then measure them every 4 weeks.  For me, I did see immediate results on the scale so it was easy to stay motivated.  Everyone's body responds differently to this, but if you follow the program exactly as written, you WILL get results.  

    I would also encourage you to get the Success Journal to track your meals and workouts.  Makes everything very easy.

    Again... congratulations on making this decision.  You won't regret it!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • OMG Laurie.....Wow...CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-)  You probably remember me as LisaRae (changed my display name).  Anyway, I am sooooooooooooooooo proud of you!  As you may remember, I live in Atlanta, GA.  I am starting the challenge on Monday (March 28,2011)  I am grinning from ear to ear knowing of your win.  Great job!  I hope we can still meet soon.  You look amazing and any advice would be great.....Keep up the good work....Congrats again LadyGeorgia, you are representing Georgia well :-)

  • Hi LisaRae!

    Yes.... I do remember you!  I remember your face from  I don't remember what part of Atlanta you live in though.  As you can see, I changed my display name, too (some of the old guest-bookers seem to think that champions need a new name).

    Thank you so much for remembering me and for the very sincere congratulations.  Goodness.... I didn't even think about me "representing Georgia"... that's pretty cool!

    I would love to meet you.  Maybe we could workout together!  Do you belong to a gym?  I usually workout in my basement (which of course you are welcome to come to my home), but we would be limited on space and diversity.  I do belong to LA Fitness and they are all over Atlanta.  I'm sure I could get you a 7-day pass and we could meet there.  That would be fun.

    Last Sunday I ran the Georgia Half Marathon in Atlanta.  5 of my best friends (all BFL'ers) came from all over the country and Canada to support me and my team (I ran for Cystic Fibrosis).  I'm sure you know some (or all) of them:  Debbie "Mo", "Legs", "Sharon WonderWoman", Michelle "Champster09" and not sure if you know Tisha "First Lady, now Tishalicious".  It was so awesome!!!

    So great to hear from you!  What challenge is this for you?  I'm excited that you are starting another challenge tomorrow!!  Please stay in touch and let me know when you might want to meet.  (BTW - if you'd rather just meet for dinner, that's fine, too).


    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.