Abs - help

  • I use the EAS Pro-Science CLA. I've found it at GNC and a H-E-B (grocery store) a little cheaper than through the Abbott store. The GNC brand is probably another good one.

    I follow the recommended dosage of the bottle, I think it works out to 4.5 g a day.

  • To be honest, I'm not sure there's much difference - you can get CLA mixed with green tea (which is another good thing to try), and a number of other supplements, but to be honest I don't know if it will make a great deal of difference to your results no matter what brand you buy.

    For the record, I've used the EAS version, a tub of USN, and I now have a tub of Sci-MX.

  • I am hoping someone can help me with this question.  I am in week 5 and doing well.  As we know, the mid section is a stubborn area for weight loss and definition.  I would like to focus more on this area for improvement.  I would like to increase my exercises on my ABS.  Is it OK to increase workouts in this area?  If so, how much can I add in a week.  Finally, anyone doing any exercises that have made a difference.  Thanks for your help.

  • Scott 1972 - even though my abs haven't "peeked" through yet, they're almost there.  I can feel a strong six path underneath about and inch or two of fat left on my abdomen.  My routine involves working the abs (on a machine - using HIIT method) 3 days a week after my cardio workouts.   On the same days I will also work obliques (but alternate days) on a machine.  So, in effect, I work obliques half as much as the abs.  This is the first time I've ever felt really, really strong in the abdominal area.  And, give it time, the abs won't show until the fat is gradually burned off....I'm just starting to get the first glimpse of mine and it's been 4 months on BFL.   I am psyched !!

  • Congrats and thanks for the advice.

  • MichelleT...you look amazing!! My hope is also to lose my middle and let those abs be seen!


  • I was thinking about taking EAS products but won't now, I have just gotten off the phone with EAS Customer Care and was informed that altough their products do not contain glutten they are manufactured in processing plants that also process wheat products. So for people like me who have Celiac Disease these products may contain Glutten through cross contamination. I only use Certified Glutten Free Products. To date I have only found one in my neck of the woods.A Whey Protien Powder, which will remain nameless cause it's not an EAS product. Just wanted to let other Celiacs know out there. Why risk your health I won't after all this is about getting healthier.

  • Oh my good !!! you are one of the best results i ever seen!!! i was worried about my loose skyn... i'm just amazed with your results!!!! can you help me if I have questions? I need to ask it , even knowing the answer, but IT IS JUST DIET AND WORK OUT? Seriusly im amazed, congrats!

  • Not sure if you're referring to my results....if so, thanks !   Feel free to ask any questions...been doing this 18 weeks now.   The answer is yes, eat right and workout.  It's as simple as that - 1) eat 5-6 small, good meals per day (I'm a calorie counter - keeping it to about 1500/day) and 2) hit your 10's with each workout.  

    I find that this is a mind game...if I have the right focus and determination, the plan will work wonders.  If you're not 100% focused, the results will not be there -  this happened to my wife.   By the way,  I'm down to 177 as of this morning....can't believe it.