Anyone on WEEK 3?? Please share!

  • I'm rounding the end of week 3 and haven't really noticed noteworthy results. I must admit my clothing is a tad looser and I am a little tired. I notice after cardio days I want to sit and eat all day, but work out days I'm not too hungry. 

    The first 2 weeks, the only suppliments I used were the EAS Myoplex carb lite. Now (Because of the cost, I make my own protein shake with a scoop of Whey Protein and a glass of 1% milk. 


    Stacy Lynn

  • I'm certainly not on week 3 Stacy, but I will share that most women don't start seeing noticable physical results until weeks 6-8.  You will see minor changes, but if you stay the course and keep your free day reasonably reigned in progress will come.  The tiredness could be a result of low-carbs so make sure you are getting equal amounts of carbs/protein with all six meals.  

    Being tired at this stage is also normal.  Be sure and sleep in a little on the weekends if you can.

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  • Thats good to know- I was curious if the diet was making me tired or.....? something else? Nice to know this is normal.

    Stacy Lynn

  • The only thing in the diet that could ever impact your energy levels would be reduction in carbs and also it's better to have a complex carb following your example brown rice or oats along with your protein source. 

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I got more tired if my water intake slipped. Make sure you keep that up.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I just finished my 3rd week and just like you very minimal results. I am very concerned about following the plan correctly. I keep questioning if i am doing things right. my jeans feel a little looser but my scale only shows about a 3 lb loss. I keep reading about people losing 10 lbs in 2 weeks and I start having doubts. I too am exhausted all of the time there are days i feel like i have the flu because I am so fatigued. My meals need more carbs, for sure but i am hesitant.

    i also make my own shakes with a good whey protein powder. just hang in there and keep moving forward.

  • I just finished up my 3rd week and feel really good but nothing is happening as far as scale weight, maybe water weight fluctuation by a couple of pounds.  Take into consideration that it depends on where you start.  People who start out overweight or obese tend to shed the pounds a little more quickly than someone who doesn't have a lot to lose.  I felt a little tired and hungry the first couple of weeks but this past week the meals were spot on with carbs & protein so make sure you are having a balanced proportion of both :-)


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  • I just finished my 3rd week too, feeling tired but mostly because i'm up pretty much at 6am and go to sleep around 10:30pm. Also i have to believe working out 6 times a week must contribute to fatique but then again I feel great and happy. I noticed little muscles definition in my arms but my scale weight hasn't change ( I don't really need to loose that much weight but to get toned and in need of flat belly after giving birth.) I worried everyday if I have done something wrong but then again I don't think so. It probably takes more time to get the real result. Got to believe in this somehow. Is it true that the belly fat is the last place you will loose?


  • Mona-

    The last place I ever notice fat loss is indeed my belly. It seems like  it comes off  my arms, thighs and cheeks first. But everyone is different.  

    Stacy Lynn

  • I just finished my 3rd week and feel great!  I have only lost 3 pounds but my clothes definitely feel looser and I am beginning to see definition in my arms.  Legs and stomach,  not so much. :-(  I don't have a lot of weight to loose (5-10 lbs) but really need to get into shape.  It is good to hear that others are having similar results.  We can't all be doing it wrong.  I'm here til the end and can't wait to see the results.  Good luck everyone!


  • Oh yee of little faith.  Do the work, be honest with yourself about what you are putting in your mouth and I mean every sneaking bite of it and you will be successful!!  No luck required...if you have the will you now have the way!!  Go get 'em and I'll be standing at the finish line cheering you all on!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hello Ladies,

    I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one seeing minimal scale weight loss.  Yes, I know not to measure by the scale alone, but sometimes it is easier said than done.  I have noticed more muscle definition and my pants are feeling looser.  I guess patience just isn't my strong suit!

    I'm also feeling a bit tired, but I think that is from the early am workouts that are honestly kicking my butt - in a good way!  With a goal of about 15lbs to loose, I'm hoping lbs start dropping in the next couple weeks.  

    I'm also following quite a few of the recipes in the Eating-for-Life book.  I've read in posts on the forum that some people feel these recipes tend to be more for maintenance, so I've been making the portions a bit smaller (i.e. 3 servings of 3 protein pancakes vs. the recipe's 2 total servings of what would be 4.5 pancakes).  Has anyone had success on BFL following the EFL recipes?  They just make the program more interesting than what I would come up with on my own based on the approved food list and if I'm enjoying what I'm eating I'm not sneaking anything else.

    One last question.  Most of the time I'm not hungry for my second meal of the day but then start getting more and more hungry for the 3-5th meals.  Does that seem normal?  (knowing everyone is different)  Wondering if those 3 protein pancakes are still too big.  :)

    Thanks and here's to everyone on week 3 and beyond in keeping up the great work.  I'm sure those drastic results are bound to follow.  Maybe that 6th-8th week miracle I've been reading about! :)

  • Water and sleep, make sure you are getting enough of both.  More water the better.. Check your diet, as suggested and make sure you arent UNDER eating.  Trust me, you can.  

    And about week 3 the honeymoon is over as far as that euphoria feeling you get as your body adjusts.. At least that's what I remember...

  • My wife and I or 2 1/2 weeks in C2. The first time we did BFL it really was not until around the 7th or 8th week did we notice a major change. I have turned alot of people on to BFL over th years and I always say to them that it did not take 3 wks for you to gain 10 extra pounds so do not expect that after 3 weeks that you will lose 10 pounds. People who state they lost 10 pounds in a week etc, that may be true if you have the excess to lose. But a health weight loss for the average human being is 1-2 lbs per week.

    As for being tired, as stated, you may not be fueling your body correctly. Something one has mentioned though, most people that enter BFL for the first time eat foods that have a lot of carbs, simple sugars etc. Also, the amount of caffine from soda's, coffee etc contributes to what I term as "false energy". So most people when they drastically change what type of foods they consume, the body responds differently than it would normally. We found ourselves feeling that way at first. Heck even now, we still feel that way. Once your body adjust to the different kind of foods that you are eating, your body will eventually learn how to use it properly. Just make sure your are drinking plenty of water, but do not consume too much water, there is a chance that you may experience hyponatremia (an electrolyte imbalance due to low sodium). 8, 8 oz cups a day formula is a good to go by for most people. I hope this helps

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